If you didn’t receive any medical attention immediately after your accident, then it may still be possible to make a claim for compensation, although the reason why you did not receive medical attention will need to be clearly explained in your case file. For example, a good explanation would be that you only started to experience symptoms after a few days, or that your injury is a ‘delayed injury’, meaning it only manifests itself after a certain period.

Whatever the case, you should still seek medical attention for your injuries, as soon as they become apparent, so that this is noted in your medical history. If your medical history shows no record of your injury, then it will be more difficult to prove that you were even injured in the first place, and to link your accident to your injuries. Most lawyers say that it is best if you seek medical attention within a few weeks of your accident at least.

At this stage, it is also important to point out there are lawyers out there who specialise in cases without medical evidence. Accidentadvicehelpline, for instance, may be able to help you make your claim even if there’s a lack of medical evidence available.

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What if I haven’t received any medical attention whatsoever?

If you were involved in an accident some time ago, and you have not received any medical treatment for any injuries related to your accident, then it is going to be very difficult to build a strong case for compensation. It is important to consider the other side’s view with regards to this, since they are only legally obliged to pay compensation to people who have been injured because of their or their client’s actions. Without medical evidence linking your injuries to the accident, it may not be possible to bring your claim forward. Or, it may be the case that other side contests the claim on the grounds of a lack of evidence.

Medical Examination

However, as part of the claims process, you will attend a medical examination as set up by your solicitor to generate a current and up to date medical report. This report can’t link your injuries to your accident, but it can detail the extent of your injuries, and an estimated recovery period from those injuries. An examination can also ‘backdate’ certain injuries, so for example, if you are currently going throughthe middle stages of recovery from whiplash, then a doctor can note this in his or her report, which can help when it comes to making a claim where you received no medical treatment whatsoever following your accident.


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