There are various laws in the land and every particular law has nuances which need expertise in that filed. This implies that there need to be many kinds of lawyers. There is a basic distinction between civil lawyers and criminal lawyers.  But there are many more specializations:

 Here is a list:

  • Employment lawyer:

Such lawyers deal with legal disputes which may emerge between employees and employers. This is to protect rights of the employee in issues of job security, wages and other such cases related to employment.

  • Family lawyer

He or she handles all issues related to families such as that of child support, divorce or competing claims of child custody. The lawyers South Australia help to settle such acrimonious cases.

  • Bankruptcy lawyer

Such a lawyer will assist in proving to the lender or the court that he can no more be able to pay his debts. This is because of lack of funds. It is likely that lender will argue that claims by the borrower are false. So, the bankrupt person must hire a very competent lawyer to argue the case.

  • Lawyer for commercial bankruptcy

Such a lawyer deals with cases of bankruptcy-related to companies or organizations. In comparison to the bankruptcy lawyer, such cases are more complex because the lawyers for commercial bankruptcy need to handle legal arguments between the creditors with the company as also between employees and the company.

  • Corporate lawyer

He works for corporate organizations to ensure that transactions done by the latter are legally viable. Private corporate lawyers are hired by big corporations, who must work only for them. However, there are many corporate lawyers who do private practice to deal with multiple accounts.

  • DUI lawyer

Being charged with DUI (Driving under Influence) is the major problem. It can lead to time in prison unless you hire a DUI lawyer. He will negotiate with the court to hand out a more lenient punishment and offer to recommend for other penalties such as community service

  • Criminal lawyer

All accused of crimes need the service of this lawyer. The major role of such a lawyer is for establishing the innocence of his client. In case evidence against accused is very substantial, he may settle to negotiate a settlement for the sake of his client.

  • Immigration/ deportation lawyer

Such a lawyer is an expert in issues related to immigration or deportation. He can help fight for a person who is charged with staying in the country illegally and faces deportation otherwise.

  • Inheritance lawyer

He is aware of rights provided to heirs. He will fight for claims of the client, in case he or she is not provided a rightful share in the inheritance.

  • Wrongful death lawyer

Such a lawyer will assist the deceased’s relatives or family to claim compensation and damages for losses incurred because of wrongful death.

  • Spousal support lawyer

This lawyer helps the spouse in her/ his fight to claim spousal support after a divorce. The lawyer helps his client to negotiate a satisfying amount.

  • Birth injury lawyer

Such a lawyer will offer protection of your rights in the event of a case of medical malpractice during the process of birth of a baby that caused injury to the infant.

These are some of the main types of lawyers in the country.


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