One great thing about having a patio in your home is that, in addition to having a relaxing time in the open, you can also host picnics in the area. This makes a patio a very valuable attribute for your home. Just as there are many uses for the patio, there are also several options available for the kind of doors extending the main house to the patio. The conventional option is the doors made of hardwood. However, Home tech can guide you on the right door that suits your needs

One type of door that has become a more appealing option for the conventional sliding patio doors is the “bi-fold door”. This doors which is also referred to as the sliding-folding door was previously designed for interior use but has recently been redesigned for exterior use too. The reasons why this door type is a better option will be discussed below;

The bi-fold door which is also known as a zig-zag door consists of three or more glass panels that can be connected in different ways. When an odd number of panels are used, one of them can be set up as a regular swinging door. A lot of restaurants and cafeterias use these doors as it allows the building to open to the streets when the weather is conducive.

They are highly flexible compared to the sliding patio or French doors. This is because they can be entirely or partly closed or open and they have an unequalled ability to link the inside of the house to the outside.

Transform Your Home into Your Garden With Bi-Fold Doors

These doors are made of several different materials and they all have their merits and demerits. The PVCU which is the least expensive only comes in white color. Aluminum doors come in various colours and finishes because they can be painted. Aluminum-clad timbre doors are the most expensive types and are designed such that the interior part of the door is made of wood while the exterior part is made with aluminum.

Timbre doors can either be constructed from hardwood or laminated timbre. If the door were to be exposed to shore or any extreme weather, laminated timbre would be a better option than hardwood because under extreme environmental conditions, hardwood will lose its shape and malfunction. Any esteemed bi-fold door manufacturer will counsel you on the most suitable choice.

There are factors to consider when selecting a bi-fold patio door;

  1. The door must be able to withstand any weather condition (weather-proof).
  2. They must be designed to conform to the most recent regulations.
  3. Its glazing must be very efficient to offer the utmost thermal insulation.
  4. The size of the door, the number of panels to be used, the panel arrangement, the type of doorsill and location of the trickle vents should all be considered and the most suitable option selected.
  5. You should also ensure you get good gearing for long-lasting door functioning.

Different designs and patterns of these types of doors are often displayed on TV shows that are focused on home remodelling, making them very popular. The variety of patterns and materials from which bi-fold doors are constructed makes them an interesting choice for anyone who intends to install or upgrade a conventional patio door.


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