None can imagine life without a family. The first person is the mother who brought barring pain to bring us to this world. The meaning of the family is parents and their children. For an individual family is the first learning place in this world. The basic communication is gradually learnt from the family. Elder’s brothers and sisters help the young ones. Father and mother guide their children till they become adult in each and every step. It builds the basement and strong relationship among the family members. The best partner for an individual is the family. If we are in a problem, we will try seeking assistance from our family. After a long time only friends will enter into our life but family is there since day one.


Family is the most integral part of our lives. Your parents would have spent many sleepless nights to make you feel homely and to erase your burden. The family must have forgiven many blunders which you made in your life. Right from the toddler stage from changing the diapers, when we stood on our own feet, when tear shedding they support us with their responsible shoulder. In fact family is our identity when we intricate to other place. During tough times our family members including you gain to the extended relationship, particularly when some events occur such as accident, death, and so on. Everyone will be able to reap the joy and benefits of one individual’s success, it could you’re the birthday, a new business progress, or may any other milestone. Technology has also helped families to contact and keep in touch with each other but it could not take the place of feeling when one gets after hugging their child, the significance of a family is immensurable.


Interpreting the family need

Once you are grown up and become an adult, you will start making choices. In this stage you should only bother about your parents not others. When you complete your basic qualification you make decisions to have a long lasting effect in your life. Then you choose your career and get married. Then choose to have kids. Now your family is your parents, wife and kids. Family requires understanding, togetherness, love and care but along with all these things in life you need money. You don’t need to be a richest person in life but you need fair amount of wealth to fulfill the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter and clothes. You need money to buy a house, to provide good education and career to your children, to take of healthcare issues and medical needs, without being depending on your children after your retirement you need money to take care of you. For all these things you need to earn money. You also need professional group apart from financial security. To develop professionally you obviously need the family support to be respected, recognized, rewarded, satisfy your ego, feel the power, and encourage your inner self. Due to professional commitments, you will have to move to different places and this is the crisis most of us face in life.


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