Style has a significant effect on the appeal and overall value of a residential space. Whether it’s a small condominium unit or a full-sized multi-story house, a home’s look can spell the difference between a dull home and something people would actually want to live in.

While picking the correct decorative piecesand using matching furnishings help make a home look good, there are times when the design calls for something more bold, like additional architectural features. Architectural elements that truly stand out don’t just make good conversation pieces but also give a residential space a unique feel to it.

There are countless options when it comes to improving a home’s charm using these architectural elements, but theexamples below should help any homeowner get a good head start.

Installing a wall fountain

  1. Skylights

Skylights are basically windows in the ceiling that are designed to bring light coming from the top of a home. A well-placed skylight can brighten up any important indoor space such as the living room, the bathroom, or the kitchen. Skylights also happen to be excellent energy savers, providing lighting to the home’s interiors during daytime without the need for electricity.

  1. Bay or Bow Windows

Some parts of your home can feel too cramped because of boring, small windows. Bay or bow windows can create the illusion of extending a room to the outdoors. Like expansive glass doors, bay and bow windows also help brighten a room, thanks to their large size.

  1. Curved Staircase

Residential spaces with enough floor area to spare can feature a curved or bridal staircase. The wide, sweeping shape of a bridal staircase makes it look elegant enough to be considered the highlight of a floor, a wide hallway, or even the entire house, especially when it has highlystylized handrails and balusters.

  1. Wall Fountain

Fountains add a sense of peace and tranquility to any area in the house. If you’d like to spruce up your indoors, consider installing a wall fountain, which is one of the most popular ones for residential environments, especially those with limited space.As wall fountains are mounted on the wall, they do not take up any floor space, and they can even give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Installing a wall fountain is straightforward, and it can easily become the highlight of a living room or home office, especially if emphasized with other elements such as plants and other decorative features.

  1. Indoor Columns

Many people don’t pay much attention to indoor columns, but savvy home designers know their value as a major visual element. Indoor columns can function as dividers without interfering in foot traffic, especially in homes with open floor layouts. Indoor columns work both in traditional and contemporary home designs.

  1. Vertical Beams

Vertical wood beams tend to direct a person’s attention upwards, which is great for multi-story residential spaces or properties with a high ceilings. Depending on what the beams look like, they can also add character to the overall design of the house. For example, wood beams with warm colors and rough appearance add a more country-themed charm to a place, while dark or neutral-colored beams with sleek finishes can make the same area look more urban or contemporary.

  1. Crown Molding and Custom Millwork

Molding and millwork are both excellent architectural features that add a more dynamic look to any room. Crown molding helps separate the walls and ceilings, while millwork can be used to accentuate shelves or add amore three-dimensional look to an otherwise dull and flat wall surface.

  1. Fireplace Surround

A fireplace can serve as the centerpiece of a living room, and by using a stylish fireplace surround, it’s possible to draw even more attention to it. A fireplace surround can match the color of the fireplace to give the illusion of increasing its size.Conversely, it can also be built in a contrasting tone to make the fireplace stand out.

These days, incorporating muted or neutral elements into one’s home is an approach that has become too predictable.Having a few bold architectural elements here and there is key to making a residential space truly stand out.


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