Whenever you go to a house, a restaurant, a café, a commercial place or any other spot; the first thing that wins your attention is the decking and flooring, right? There are many things that might catch your eye but these deckings do it always.

Talking about a prevalent and cherished decking solution treated pine decking; it has always been a favourite for plenty of people when talking about choosing a decking material for a fresh deck or fresh timber patio.  It is rather the commonest timber used in deck building. There are numbers of advantages of treated decking too.

You know there are many homeowners that are constantly on a lookout for better building products so as to ensure that they do not have to panic about installation and day to day maintenance. There are various types of materials available in the market that can easily solve the purpose. If you are in search of unparalleled durability and great strength then you can always opt for pine decking. Once the wood is treated by experts you can stay certain of one thing; it will be guarded against insect attacks and any type of rot. And yes there won’t be any requirement for stain or paint application.  There are some types of wood such as untreated pine and the cedar that might lose the fresh look after a short time period in case not protected using stain or paint. These tend to get grey and rot because of moisture. But when you are going for treated decking then one thing is for sure, it is that the protection is constructed in types. Once you add an additional coating you are going to be in a position to maintain the original shine and shade of the wood.

What do you mean by Treated Pine?

Radiata pine is the softwood that gets treated and is then taken as treated pine.  Treated pine is green in colour and it is because of the treatment.  The treatment involves pressure treatment; timber is saturated and afterward completely dried.

You know treated decking is the most inexpensive timber available for use when constructing a deck. Treated pine is believed to be a great durable decking material.  Not just this, treated pine is also considered to be an environmentally welcoming material. It is simply because most of the pine is sourced from the tree plantations in Australia and New Zealand rather than virgin forests foreign. Apart from this, pine trees grow quite quickly so much so that when it is the time to replace the deck, fresh pine trees will have already been up.

These treated pine boards also cater consistency as these boards are available in standard sizes. Similarly, the treated decking can be painted and stained to whichever colour like and to match with your house. This way you can literally play with colours and pick a shade that is your favourite.  Don’t forget that this pine decking is also convenient to work with, and thus, your deck can be constructed quicker and for a lower labour as well as material price.

So, why not just opt for treated decking? These pine decking solutions are always rewarding and better than many!


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