Achieving a stylish, modern living room is not easy but NOT impossible. It only requires some effort to understand what ‘Modern’is all about, and what being‘Stylish’ talks about.Here are some of the typical modern living rooms styling ideas we can provide you if you wish to come up with a stylish, modern living room in your home


To achieve styling your living room, you need to consider thefurniture you will place in and the general room ambience. It should be sleek and minimal. It would be helpful it there is less clutter and well-organized. And the colors are not very bright and not too warm.

A fusion of modern Wainscoting panels

Alex Mouldings offered stylish wainscoting and wood panels designs that will create a classy and traditional look on your modern living room. This is one good thing with the modern style, it can be fused perfectly well with anything.


Brave with a Playful Combinations

Be brave enough to play with different elements of style. Opposing colors, shapes and textures can be mixed together, so long as they look good and complement each one. You can add a unique wall décor, coffee table, or vibrant-colored accents against neutral walls and sofas.Most commonly, a fireplace is the focal point in a living room where it is present. Why not deviate from the usual trend and create an impact by creating a focal wall instead?


Fix in a Dramatic Light Fixture

It would be great to have any conversation piece in the room. It should be something that stands out and catches attention, not because it is irrelevant and annoying to the sight, but because it is beautifully fitted to be there. A dramatic lighting fixture would be perfect for this purpose.


Magnify the Space Creatively

Light colors and furnishings, and white-painted walls aids remarkably in making the space appear larger than it actually is.Add a little more excitement to your modern living room by adding more vivid, bright colors and patterns to your neutrals.

Keep it Clean and Well-Organized

A pronounced organization and cleanliness of a living room is crucial in keeping it look incredibly beautiful. It keeps the mind relaxed and quite, and thus radiate to the owner’s general disposition throughout the day.

One of the common elements among modern homes are large windows and glass panels. This is generally designed so that the owner can stay connected with the outdoors especially if the house is situated in a location with a good natural landscape.


Hang some Graphic Wall Art

If you are looking to have a gender-neutral graphic art, then the best ones would be those that are black & white abstract pieces. The sharp lines and silhouettes are perfect to be hanged on white walls.If you wish to make the interior more feminine, then you may hang colorful graphic wall arts.

Keep Gray in focus

Who says gray is dull and lifeless? No, not if your know how to use this color creatively. Gray is neutral and has always been the favorite for neutral shades. However, If you are not creative enough in using this color, you might end up having a dull interior. In modern approach, this is perfect and since it is neutral, it can simply blend harmoniously with any other color that you may like.

Minimalist approach is one of the favorites of many designers. Aside from being clean and stylish, this approach also helps in making the room look bigger and brighter.Go for the unconventional. One of the most common characteristic of modern styling is being unique. Try to deviate from the conventional sofa on the room. You can use irregularly shaped and or purely accent chairs. We hope we were able to help you with your modern living room decorating project.


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