Long back, when I newly started my career as a home improvement planner and designer, I went to meet a family, who was planning to build and decorate a new home in Melbourne. We were having some amazing discussion about the interior and exterior design of the home, over cups of coffee. That is when, the youngest member of the family, a nine years old boy came to the room and started listening to all our planning. When he got to know who I was and why I was there, he made a plain demand, “make a dream garden for me.” And that is when the project became a bit more challenging for me. Using all my researches and resources, finally, I came up with a plan that they also loved. And, do you know what the biggest catch of this whole planning was? Years later, when I planned my own home in Melbourne, I implied of the plans in a dream garden too for my daughter.

So, what is a dream garden for you? Garden is often the most treasured area of mostly every house in the city of Melbourne. When the greenery around you is disappearing quickly, a small patch of green garden around your home can give you a breath of fresh air. When you are waking up in the morning and looking out at the garden, it will fill your heart with joy. In the evening, when you come back home after a long day at work, you would surely like to sit in a quiet serene place where you can get some peace of mind. Your garden can be your ideal resort in such cases. So, when garden can make your life better every day, have you thought about beautifying it? If your answer is no then, you must think of it right now. How? Well, I am going to share with you the ideas that I implemented in designing the garden in that assignment long before, as well as in my own home. Take a look at the following points to know more.


More Greenery

Your garden is the lungs of your home. The more you will fill it with greenery, the more it will look beautiful. But, that doesn’t mean that you will make it cluttered with too many plants. Keeping a garden organized is not really easy. But, it is necessary as, on one hand, the plants will grow smoothly and on the other, your garden will remain appealing as ever. How will you be able to organize the garden? Simple, buy nicely designed pots and planter boxes that will perfectly suit the look of the garden. There are many stores where you will be able to get some beautiful planter boxes in Melbourne, which will keep the plants in the most organized way.You can line up the pots and planters around the porch or keep them around the boundary to give your garden a complete look.

Spill of Water

When you will be sitting in the complete serenity of the garden, won’t you love it if the rippling sound of water entices your senses after a long hard day? Well, if you are wondering, how this will be possible as there is no water body around your garden then, don’t worry. Installing Fountains Melbourne is a quite popular decor style. In fact, it will not only offer you peace with the lulling sound of water but also, be a visual treat. There are numerous designs available in the market. You can add a retro or Victorian touch to your garden and home exterior with such amazing fountains. If your home is a modern one then, adding a side fountain with contemporary look can be a perfect choice for you.

Let There Be Light

Fairy lights have some magical power to uplift the mood of any setting. It can turn your garden into a magical resort where you can actually have some romantic time with your significant other. These lights can be perfect to make your garden a place for the party on weekend too. If lined with small plants and shrubs, the fairy light can add an oriental touch to the garden.

So, now as you know about the ways to glam up your garden, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and design a beautiful piece of heaven in your home. Thank me later!

Author Bio: Bran Snow is a famous blogger and home exterior designer. He is associated with designing planter boxes Melbourne. Read his blogs to know more about fountains Melbourne.


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