All drainage systems are maintained regularly to ensure that the water stays away from the home. But, unfortunately, this is generally overlooked which results in a blocked drain. If you do not maintain the drains and ignore the signs of drain failure, it may pose the hazard to one’s health and safety. If you wish to mitigate the problem, you need to have basic knowledge of the blocked pipes and drains. Get to know how the drains function if you are looking to resolve blocked drain on your own. Take up preventative measures to avoid any drain blockage or drain clogging.

A building is usable or habitable only when all the aspects function properly. To use the property in a convenient manner, it is important to ensure that the drainage system works properly. The building must get clean water supply for 24 hours and the drains must function efficiently. The drain gets blocked when large particles of waste get accumulated. Therefore, it is important to have your drain systems inspected after the certain period of time. However, you must only hire a plumber who has years of experience in repairing the blocked drains, sewer lines and stormwater drains. He must use the latest technology and tools to unclog the drain.

Do not take your drainage system for granted. If the drain is not functioning properly inside the boundary of the property, it means there is something wrong. Improper drain maintenance will lead to drain failure and drain clogging on a frequent basis. If the drain is blocked, you should summon a professional plumber to clear the drains. Well, prevention is better than cure. You must watch out for the top signs of drain clogging and never ignore them.

The toilet, bath and sinks not functioning properly

It can happen that the shower, toilet, bath and sinks are not draining the water properly. If the water is moving very slowly, something needs to be done. It is seen that the toilet is often the main reason behind blocked drains. It may happen that when you flush in the toilet, it causes the water level to rise in the toilet. Running taps can also cause the water level to rise in the toilet.

Bad smells in or around the home

Foul smells in and around the home are the primary signs of a blocked drain somewhere. Something blocking the drain may get rotten to emit the bad smell. In such case, you should immediately call a professional plumber to get rid of the blocked drain. If left unattained, this can pose a serious threat to health and safety.

Do you hear any gurgling noise in the pipes?

Hearing gurgling noise from the water pipes is also the telltale sign of a blocked drain. You may hear noises from plug holes, drains and pipes. They are all warning signs of potential drain blockage.

Look for quality services

When there is an instance of the blocked drain, call a professional plumber for quality services. The professional plumber will clear the drain and then suggest you on how to keep drains clean at all times. He will inspect the drains to find if there are hard materials stuck inside or not. Such substances will be eliminated and then the drains will be unclogged using proper tools and drain cleaning procedure.

The use of high-quality drain cleaning chemicals

Hiring a professional plumber can help you save on future repair costs. The professional will use the right set of tools and equipment to get rid of the blockage. If the problem is major, they will use necessary tools to see through the drains and sewer lines.

You can hire a professional plumber to save time and money. You must not meddle with the blocked drains as there are harmful chemicals and toxins that are dangerous to health.


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