A bathroom is a place which can reflect your class and style to your guests. It is also a more of personal space which you want to be relaxing and comfortable. If you are planning to make some changes to your bathroom, it is always a great move to go for Modern Bathroom Vanities that can make a huge difference to your bathroom. Here we have a list of 7 amazing bathroom vanity styles that you can follow to play with space.

The Classics: the classics are all about white, gray and ebony shades. These are at the top of this list because they are the best choice for the people who are not sure about colors and styles. These colors go well with almost any kind of bathroom and help in making the bathroom look more spacious for constrained areas. They even go great with any kind of wall color if you want to change the wall color in the future.

Open Shelves: open shelves are a great trend for so many years when it comes to Modern Bathroom Vanities. The open shelves help you in creating more storage option in your bathroom along with a more spacious look. This style is great for the bathrooms which are needed to do good with the space giving a more luxurious feel.

Vessels: vessel sinks are popular for years and they can help you create a unique impact of the bathroom as they come in different shapes and styles. The vessel sinks increase the opportunities for pairing the unexpected. Vessel sinks are a better choice for the bathrooms adjoining the bedrooms rather than full-size common bathrooms.

Bottom Open: the vanities which are having a flat base look so outdated these days and this is why we come up with a new concept of open bottom vanities. They can be helpful in making the bathroom look less cluttered. But when you try to go for such changes, make sure you choose the right vanity that goes well with the color of floor and walls.

Floating Vanities: these type of vanities are very popular in the hotels and restaurants. The modern designs also feature the ease of adjusting the height of the vanities. These are also a good option for the bathroom which is low on space. Floating vanities are also helpful in giving a feel of artwork inside bathroom hanging on the walls.

Under-mounted: the best option for installing the sinks is the under-mounted sinks or the vessel ones. The other styles are very outdated and they even are exposed to dirt more as compared to these vanities. The best advantage of these vanities is they are easy to clean.

Marble & Quartz: the sinks or vanities with marble and quartz top are more impressive in design. They look more bright and light as compared to the laminates and granites. They are smooth which help in creating a more soothing environment inside the bathroom.

So if you are planning to upgrade your bathroom giving it a completely new look with some save on space. You can any of the style which suits your need. Bathroom could reflect your style and could show the luxury you live in so it is always a great choice to invest in the right vanity for creating a great impression on anyone who visits your home.

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