Often boys and girls who are shorter than the average kids in class may feel quite uneasy and not up to pace with their peers. It is quite a similar feeling experienced by boys who mature earlier and get a beard. They feel pretty strange when they need to start shaving first. Similarly, girls who start getting their periods before others in the group may feel quite awkward. In general, teenagers who are shorter are getting matured physically a little late than others or slightly slower than the rest. Often their parents seem to be smaller so these kids take after them. However, we simply cannot overrule a medical reason why there is slow growth in some people as compared to the others.

What Have Doctors Got to Say or Do about Growth Issues?

Your pediatrician has been charting your growth since the day you were born for making sure that there is a normal growth curve that demonstrates steady growth in both height and weight. If in any case, the growth curve seems to flatten out, it could be a cause of worry and the doctor must find out why there is a slowing down of growth. Your doctor would be suggesting some important X-rays of your bones and special blood tests. He would be performing a thorough clinical examination to rule out any serious issues.

Your doctor would be investigating the growth patterns that exist in your family to see any genetic correlation. In this context, you must know that microbiologists examine and analyze protein interactions that have emerged as a fantastic resource for complementing genetic data for elucidating biological systems. These interactions are important for interpreting genetic data and even understanding clearly the molecular basis of any human disease.

What Do You Understand by Growth Disorders?

Teenagers may experience growth issues. In this context, you must understand that growth is actually is regulated by the hormones produced by the body. Many diseases associated with the endocrine system may influence growth. The endocrine system is known to comprise glands that are responsible for producing hormones and may be affecting growth. Endocrine glands secrete hormones that are circulated in the bloodstream throughout your body. Testosterone and estrogen are supposed to be the vital hormones driving sexual development.

Growth Disorders


Hypothyroidism may result in slow growth as the thyroid gland is not manufacturing adequate thyroid hormone that is essential for supporting and boosting normal growth. A prominent hypothyroidism symptom is feeling sluggish and tired. You could find out if you are suffering from these issues by conducting a blood test that measures thyroid levels and demonstrates if you are having the disorder. Hypothyroidism could develop at any stage of life but most common in teenage girls and also women belonging to the childbearing age group.

Turner Syndrome

This disease is able to impact your body’s capacity to generate the necessary hormones for growth and development. Turner syndrome seems to be a pretty generic condition which is known to occur in girls only. It is triggered by an abnormal or a missing X chromosome. Girls suffering from Turner syndrome would be shorter than the rest and lack in normal sexual development as their ovaries fail to mature and operate normally.


Dwarfism could cause remarkably short stature. It occurs because of the abnormal growth of our bones, as well as, the cartilage present in our body. A majority of dwarfism cases are supposed to be genetic.

Growth Hormone Deficiency

Growth hormone deficiency is characterized by the pituitary gland not generating adequate hormones needed for normal growth. Hence, growth is compelled to slow down and growth is often arrested.


Life could be pretty challenging if you are having any growth disorder as your self-esteem and confidence are shattered. Consult your doctor and seek his valuable advice. Meanwhile, eat a nice and wholesome diet, get adequate sleep, and perform regular exercises. You must deal with growth issues with a great deal of positivity and determination.

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