It could be that the person has a sweet tooth and just loves to have sweets every now and then. He may have recently contracted diabetes. This will mean, he has to forgo consuming sweets forever and eat simple, only diabetic recommended foods. It is something that is simply impossible as the urge to have sweet is sure to outdo than the health needs. The diet is of utmost concern. Constantly, the person will be reminded about the harmful effects that sugary foods will have on his health. Fortunately, there are readily available some sugary substitutes that can be used. But one has to be careful during the selection process. Care should be taken to ensure that artificial substitutes are avoided and only natural ones are taken.

Stevia – the wonder natural sweetener

One can trust upon the reputed stevia extract manufacturer India who offers this natural sweetener option to those who simply cannot resist consuming sweet foods. Stevia is a sweet plant that does offer natural sugar substitute to such people. It belongs to the sunflower family that has more than hundred species. Stevia is one of the important sunflower plant species having sweet leaves. It is termed scientifically as stevia rebaudiana or called just as stevia. Phytochemicals steviol glycosides tend to endow the leaves with natural sweetness. It is stated to be 40 – 300 times much sweeter when compared to sucrose.

But the truth is this plant is known to man for a very long time. Stevia is being used in Paraguay for centuries. For decades, Japanese people have been enjoying its beneficial properties.

Health benefits

Stevia extracts are well known for its beneficial properties for health. Diabetic patients have found this natural substitute for sugar to be a boon, allowing them to have sweet food again, but without the worry about their health. This is because stevia is not known to cause any type of hyperglycaemic effect. The latter means blood glucose level skyrocketing, similar to what takes place when consuming sweet food prepared from sugar. Stevia does contain calorie but in negligible calories. This, according to the health experts is something crucial for those who are overweight and trying to shed their excess weight.

Studies have also revealed that Stevia extracts tend to produce healthy anti-diabetic effects. Stevia rebaudiana extracts have also shown the decrease in blood glucose levels. Therefore, stevia extracts have been recommended to be used by diabetics in cold beverages and cough syrups.

Various other studies reveal that the pancreas β cells had that revitalizing effect. The beta cells can be termed to be cells which produce insulin as well as regulates blood sugar. Those who suffer from diabetes are found to have no or inadequate insulin in their body.

Stevia extracts are also found to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Besides its anti-diabetic effects, this natural sweetener is also found to be beneficial for the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Tooth decay
  • Low uric acid levels
  • Heartburn

The fact is, it is easy to use stevia and enjoy its beneficial properties and can be found in the liquid formulation.


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