It was a windy evening in Mumbai, the breeze was all around the place. I was standing at my balcony and having a view of this city. I am Rishabh, I had recently moved to Mumbai to complete my post-graduation studies. I was loving to be part of this city and the culture that it offers.

While enjoying my time here, I was also facing the trivial problem of pocket money faced by many middle-class students. We want the latest gadgets, nice clothes and what not. To cater for all this, my stipend was not enough and had to look for other avenues for income.

Amidst all this, one of my friends told me about the growing tradition of sperm donation and the simple way to earn some money out of it. Initially, when I heard this I was hesitant about it but later when I found out more information and read about the procedures and the confidentiality that is practiced. This gave me confidence to try this out. So, to start with I created a list of sperm banks in Mumbai and zeroed down one centre. It was an emotional decision and perhaps the most important one of my life.  Several questions came on to cross my mind, what happens if the child comes to know that I am the biological father, but I put all these thoughts to rest.

They gave me an appointment and briefed me about the procedure. I had to submit a sperm sample that will be undergoing rigorous testing to identify if it is suitable and could be used for further. Once your sample is deemed to be good enough to be used for reproduction, you can submit samples and get paid for the same. It became a good source of income for me and I was submitting this often than not. I was happy with some extra income helping me afford the additional luxury which otherwise was beyond my reach.

sperm donation

One day, when I was visiting the sperm bank, I met one couple who were desperately trying to have baby. They had come here for consultation, since I was sitting beside them, I started an informal conversation and then the lady started explaining the great noble deed the sperm donors are doing. They are giving lot of couples and opportunity to have a kid, become parents. This is a big hope for people to move on with a depression of not having kids. It is of so much of importance to many. She was one of those who was using the donated sperm to conceive and was highly thankful to individual who donated the sperm. She was mindful that many do it for money, but accordingly to her the happiness which it brings in surpasses the intent behind it.

This meeting made me realize that I had the view of only one side of coin. I only wanted to make money out of this. But after I talked to this couple, it made me realize that my deed is helping someone shape their emotions and families. This made me do this donation with more pride and feelings, after all it is giving someone a life. So, don’t think, even if you don’t need money, go to these top sperm banks in Mumbai and donate with a cause.


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