Plastic surgery is the one that is increasing in now a day. More forwardly plastic surgery is done by the celebrity and also by the women whom are trying to become the top actress in their field. According to the records taken, plastic surgery is operated in 98 percent of the women in United States that is more than the men. Mostly TV hosts, actress and top anchors are trying to operate their noise or breast or any other parts in their body, in order to explore their beauty and also to cut down their age.

Therefore cosmetic surgery is wide largely taken place in all over the places in the world. In recent days there is top rumor about Jennifer Lopez that she is operated plastic surgery in her breast and also in cheeks. But most of the people raise the question that Jennifer Lopez opt plastic surgery Kalispell Montana? I do not think so. But there are some figures of Jennifer Lopez to show the changes in her breast.

There is a suspicion in her breast that is subjected to plastic surgery and also the other group has argued that no way for women to still have perfect firm breast like Jennifer Lopez until she attempted for plastic surgery. The slight change in her breast creates more doubt among the people and it also created a loop hole to the rumors. Jennifer Lopez trying to register her name as a successful actress, artist, director, and singer and also as a judge for the popular singing show called American Idol. And so her fans circles are increasing in a day to day range, she is becoming more popular and trying a lot to explore her beauty for more popularity.

The rumor across about her is that she attempted for nose surgery, cheeks implants, lip reduction and now recently tired for breast implant, though this is not confirmed but the figures and snaps of her, gives evidence to those rumors. But other groups and the experts have said that her skin tone is perfect only because of her workout regimen and also because of health diet, she could able to be perfect even though in her 40 years of age. Her skin is completely free from wrinkles and crow’s feet and so she could able to be in a perfect sense of body.


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