Physiotherapy is basically a health care science that acts as complementary to the overall medical treatment. Therapists primarily aim at curing impairments and disability by enhancing physical mobility. Proven to be effective in cases of illness, injuries, surgery and disability, it’s widely prescribed for patients across all age groups. The usage of scientific techniques and exercises to relive pain and improve functional ability of the body makes physiotherapy in North York a reliable remedy. It accelerates the general healing process and help repair bones and muscles, only if done with caution.

Used in conjunction to the medications and designed for personalized requirements, it gives quick results. Physiotherapists are trained professionals consider health parameters and patient history before guiding them.

Physiotherapy is useful in the following cases

  • Orthopedic and skeleton problems like back pain, arthritis and knee pain
  • Respiratory problems like asthma and chronic diseases
  • Cardiovascular problems and rehabilitation
  • Neurological problems like stroke
  • Post surgery for retaining normal health faster
  • Certain problems during pregnancy and post delivery
  • Fostering overall well being and fitness


Physiotherapy in North York provides both symptomatic as well as curative relief by minimizing physical pain and symptoms and speeding up the curing process. Functional ability being the primary aim of the treatment, it focuses on fostering strength. Personalized sessions are executed as per individual needs and functional ability. It may range from simple exercises to machine and equipment aided sessions. The type of technique used will depend on the problem and the duration of treatment widely differs across people. The practitioner might use some massage and manipulation for enhancing blood circulation, use remedial exercises, use hot or cold treatment and even use weight bearing. As it enhances mobility and cures disability as the treatment progresses, experts recommend following the regime persistently.

Physiotherapy exercises

 Physiotherapy is a profession related to health care which is very effective in curing the disabilities in body. It is also helpful in making a human body mobile and to enhance the functional ability of the body. Those who deal in this profession are known as physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is basically a combination of several exercises which it utilizes very efficiently. Physiotherapy exercises are mostly carried out to cure various kinds of body pains such as:

  • Knee pain
  • Body pain
  • Sciatica
  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder pain

Cardiovascular treatment

Physiotherapy is not limited to body pains curing treatments. It has a great impact on cardiovascular system and is good for heart.  Those who are fat or obese are especially advised to exercise on a regular basis.

Sciatica treatment

Physiotherapy is widely popular throughout the world for its exercises that reduce sciatica pain. These exercises help in strengthening and repairing the central component of the body. There are many exercises that help in making spinal cord system strong and making ligaments, tendons and muscles efficient. Most of such exercises are concerned with back of a person. Some are those focusing on buttocks, and muscles related to abdomen and muscles of hip.

Physiotherapy for sports persons

These exercises are very helpful, in fact, are in a regular want for sportspersons. They frequently suffer from hamstring pains. In this case, physiotherapy exercises related to stretching are recommended as they reduce hamstring pains.


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