Emergency care is very important in any hospital. It is unexpected for any person to get ill suddenly. There are many reasons for a person to get emergency care in a hospital. Emergency care is taken for the persons who are very critical and have to be monitored through out the day. It may be due to the health issues like cardiac arrest, respiratory problems, accidents and so on. A person met with an accident should have emergency care as soon as possible. As soon as a person met with an accident, we have to send him to the hospital through the ambulance. Any first aid and minor treatments can be done in the ambulance to save the patient from serious condition. With this minor treatments we can control bleeding which would help that person to get a soon recovery. When that person reached to the hospital, the doctors should provide him the emergency care. You have to call a health care professional and let him know about the situation of the patient. You can get the guidance from the health care professional whether the patient needs the emergency care or not. If the patient requires emergency care you have to take him to the hospital which has emergency care unit as soon as possible. The urgent care san Antonio helps the patients to recover from serious illnesses and injuries.

Signs and symptoms of the emergency:

  • There are some conditions that have to be noticed which requires emergency care immediately. Even though you are not a health care professional you need to know about some health issues and its symptoms that requires immediate care by a doctor.
  • The symptom or signs which require immediate emergency care are:
  1. Choking
  2. Severe head injury with bleeding, loss of consciousness, delusions, confusion
  3. Apnea or difficulty in breathing
  4. Third degree burns due to fire accidents or suicide
  5. Long lasting seizures
  6. Electric shock
  7. Feeling of pressure in the chest

These are the signs or conditions that require immediate emergency care

  • The other symptoms that might require the emergency care are:
  1. Severe pain in the arm
  2. Severe headache from many days
  3. Deep would
  4. Severe burns
  5. Loss of consciousness suddenly
  6. Some poisonous snakes bite
  7. Blood while coughing
  8. Heavy bleeding from the injury
  9. Overdose or allergic reaction due to any drug
  10. Any suicide case or thoughts
  • The most common problems that might require emergency care in some cases are:
  1. Most common illnesses like flu, sore throats, low grade fever, earaches, limited rashes.
  2. The minor injuries like back pain, minor burns and cuts, minor fractures, sprains.