CBD Pre-Rolls are a little bit of heaven. They’re perfectly sized for your filter, loaded with THC and CBD content, and deliver immediate relief from pain. Whether you’re busy at work or trying to take the edge off after a challenging workout, these pre-rolls will help you feel like you’re in your little world in no time. There are many types of pre-rolls on the market today, but here is our recommended list of top picks.

When you first think about a pre-rolled joint, you may think it would leave your finger for something far less potent than what you’re used to. You can find high-grade cbd pre rolls no thc perfect for the avid smoker without breaking the bank.

There are two main types of pre-rolls that you can buy in the market today, and they are as follows:

  1. CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls

CBD hemp pre-rolls are ideal for those who want to experience a less potent “taste” while still receiving the benefits of CBD daily. They are a bit more costly than regular cannabis, but again, CBD is not psychoactive, so it isn’t as strong in terms of its effects on the brain.

  1. THC Pre-Rolls

THC pre-rolls have the same status as regular joints in potency. The difference is that the THC-rich plant matter on these joints translates into a more potent, more intense high that lasts longer. This means they are better suited for those who like to experience THC at work or in public since it takes less of the “legal” stuff to get high. These pre-rolls can be found in dispensaries and higher concentrations. Sometimes, a single pre-roll will contain up to 50mg of THC.

cbd pre rolls no thc

You may think that all CBD hemp pre-rolls look pretty much the same, and you would be correct. However, there are some subtle differences between them that you should know about before buying your next joint from your favorite dispensary:

  1. THC Content

THC pre-rolls have varying levels of THC in them. Some of the brands we recommend have THC levels that are 27% so that you will feel something in your body. Others contain up to 50mg of THC, which is generally well above the legal limit for recreational cannabis use. When deciding which pre-roll you should go with, it’s best to choose one with a THC content equivalent to regular joints in your area. This will give you an excellent high without making you feel paranoid and without having to smoke an entire joint. Remember, buying these pre-rolls will cost more than just rolling your joints with a regular bong or a joint roller machine.

  1. CBD Content

Another thing that you need to consider when buying CBD pre-rolls is CBD content. This is usually expressed as a percentage, with some brands having higher content than others. These percentages range from 5% to even 15% CBD, most of which can be found in dispensaries. Now, these are only approximate numbers since every batch of pre-rolls will have a slight variation in the percentage of CBD that they contain. However, choosing a brand with higher CBD content will give you more bang for your buck since each stick will have lower THC content and a lighter, less intense high than regular joints.

In conclusion, CBD pre-rolls are a great alternative to smoking joints. They are convenient and potent, and above all, they lack the toxic chemicals that regular cannabis can contain. If you still feel like smoking a joint now and then, I recommend trying CBD hemp pre-rolls. They can be found in many medical dispensaries worldwide, so take your pick and enjoy the benefits of CBD today.