Bipolar disorder is characterized by way of excessive temper swings from mania to despair. Even though bipolar ailment impacts men and women similarly, guys are normally recognized at a younger age and their infection is extra extreme. Moreover, ladies undergo the manic depressive cycle of the condition quicker than men, notes a 1998 “American magazine of Psychiatry” article, and some of the symptoms of bipolar ailment are distinctive in men than in girls.

Women and men proportion the identical signs of bipolar ailment, with a few variations. For one, guys tend to expand the bipolar ailment at a much earlier age, and their first episode is commonly mania. Men also have a tendency to have extra severe bipolar symptoms and are more susceptible to manic episodes than girls. All through these manic episodes, men generally tend to behave out greater through doing such things as combating, yelling and consuming that could lead to jail time or hospitalization.

Men with bipolar sickness are also much more likely to abuse capsules or alcohol to cope with their illness. In the end, despite the fact that men have greater excessive bipolar signs and symptoms, they’re lessaz likely than girls to voluntarily be seeking assist for his or her disease, placing them at extra threat for suicide than girls.

Bipolar disorder in men and different kinds of intellectual contamination are much less in all likelihood than girls to be seeking for assist, leading many to show to tablets and alcohol as a manner to address their contamination. Substance abuse, alas, handiest aggravates bipolar symptoms and makes them worse. If you have bipolar disorder and a drug or alcohol problem, it’s essential to are looking for help and support right away. The signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder are disruptive enough without the brought stress and health risk of alcohol or drug abuse. Dual analysis treatment will deal with each problem you’re suffering with concurrently via substance abuse remedy and intellectual fitness treatment.

At some point of substance abuse treatment you’ll go through a period of detox so that the signs and symptoms of your substance use can be prominent from the signs of your bipolar disorder. After detox you’ll enter a residential remedy application that includes individual remedy, organization counseling, and a 12-step program to cope with your substance addiction.

At the equal time you’re receiving substance abuse treatment, you’ll additionally get hold of remedy in your bipolar disease. This regularly includes medications along with antidepressants and mood stabilizers in addition to cognitive-behavioral therapy and/or dialectical conduct therapy. Each healing procedures will educate you the abilities you want to replace your vintage coping behaviors with new, fantastic methods to deal with your co-happening problems. We recognize how tough it’s far to be afflicted by mental illness and a substance abuse hassle. Our worrying team of workers is particularly professional and educated at assisting guys triumph over their dependency to tablets or alcohol while at the same time addressing the intellectual health troubles underlying the substance abuse. Don’t go through in silence any more.


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