Tea is a perfect remedy for your tension, stress, and tiredness. Maybe you have never given it much attention, but a single cup of tea has the potential to make you feel uplifted, happy, and relaxed.  Whether you are a homemaker, you work in a multi-national company; you runs a clothes store, you are a doctor or you are in any other profession; you always encounter bounty of stress and exhaustion, right. What you can do is you can make sure that you feel comforted and relaxed with a cup of tea.

Even if you are a student and the exams are getting on your nerves, just shake off your anxiety with a cup of tea. If you are bored with your regular tea, then you can try out other options like black tea, lemon tea, Ceylon loose leaf tea, and other flavoured teas. There are so many types of teas that you can feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable. If you think that tea will make you feel even hotter on a sunny day, then you are wrong. A single cup of a tea can be relished both in winters and summers.  You can always come across people who relish tea in all seasons.

Since people all over the world are getting concerned about their health, it is getting easy for them to experience comfort and ease. They are increasingly counting on green tea. Exactly green tea is a good choice for your health. It not just keeps you energised and uplifted but also does good for your health.

If you are thinking about what exactly green tea is, then you have every right to know it. Green tea is the tea that is made up of the Camellia sinensis leaves that undergo a process of oxidation and withering. There are plenty of varieties of green tea, and they easily differ based on the increasing conditions, the procedure of production and of course the time of harvest. But one thing that is alive in all types of green tea is their aliveness and potential to keep your health in good shape!

Green tea possesses bioactive compounds that improve various aspects of your health. Some of the compounds in tea leaves make the tea to the final drink that is great news for tea drinkers.  It might leave you surprised that EGCG is one of the most robust compounds in green tea – the compound treats various ailments. And most prominently, though green has a few side effects, the advantages are far outweighing them. It is the reason you should embrace green tea with both hands. Similarly it might also be important for you to know that unsweetened prepared green tea has zero calories. In case you are a calorie conscious person then it is great news for you. Green tea possesses flavonols and catechin that is effective for everyone.

Thus, whether you are trying to dodge those tiresome yawns or you get really stressed so soon; a single cup of tea; better a green tea cup; would be the best thing happen to you!


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