Cancer is one disease which everyone fears. This is because; it is a very complicated one and people getting very worried when they are diagnosed with it. But, there are many ways by which one can handle and treat this dreadful disease as well. Medical science has improved a lot these days and they have found out a lot of ways by which they can provide relief to the patients who are suffering from this disease.

There are some best cancer doctors in India who can give the best treatments to any form of cancers. Cancer surgery on the other hand is an operation where surgeons try to remove the part of the body which has been diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes only a surgery can be beneficial and sometimes it can be supplemented with other possible treatments like Chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy.

When does a surgeon recommend a surgery in cancer?

Well there can be many conditions.  If a doctor sees that an organ of a body has got cancer and there are many chances that it can aggravate, then they may suggest removing that organ or tissues so that there is no further development of cancer cells. A doctor can also perform a cancer surgery in order to remove the entire or parts of the tumour and then study it under a microscope and then find out whether the growth is cancerous at all or not. If it is malignant, then they take further decisions.

Cancer treatments

In fact, going under a surgery helps the doctor and the patient to know at what stage the cancer has affected the body. There can be some additional tests as well that are needed to be done but surgery can be the prime way to diagnose the stage of the disease. If the cancer is in primary stage then cancer surgery can be the best possible treatment to get cured. If the tumour is localized and it can be removed then it can be the best possible thing.

In case of surgeries, the surgeon can remove the lymph nodes where the cancer has already spread. This increases the chance of getting cured.  If someone is suffering from breast cancer then the doctor can go for a surgery where they can remove the entire affected breast and it is called mastectomy. They can also remove some portions of it which contains the malignant tumour and then the surgery is called lumpectomy.

When a surgeon needs to perform lung cancer surgery they mainly focus on removing the part of the lung which is affected by cancer and that is called lobotomy. There are some other ways of surgery in case of treating cancers as well. There is Cryosurgery where cancer cells are freeze and then destroyed and Electrosurgery where the electrical currents of high frequency are used to kill cancer cells.

There is several expert cancer Surgeons in India who can help a patient to deal with this disease. They can give the patient the correct advice.


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