Everyone knows that looking after their hair is important. It plays a vital role in an individual’s overall appearance and is a part of our public persona. Many people spend a lot of time and money on the cut that they have and with good reason. Making sure that you have a hair style that is both stylish and fashionable is the starting point for looking great.

However, to really make your hair style work for you then you need to look after your hair at home. Taking steps to do this will help to not only maintain your hair in the best condition but will also keep it looking good – just as it did in the salon.

Gorgeous hair care tips and tricks

Here are some great ways to boost your hair care routine.

  • Be gentle with wet hair – if you usually jump out of the shower and begin roughly brushing your hair then stop! Wet hair is actually very fragile and will break easily if you brush too harshly. Instead, grab a broad-toothed comb and go steady when brushing. You should also comb from the root to the tip for best results. Doing this will keep your hair in much better condition and reduce hair breakage.
  • Get regular trims – a real enemy to hair care for women are split ends. These will make your hair look messy and in bad shape. To help avoid this, make sure you get regular trims every six weeks or so at your salon. This will cut away the split ends to revamp your hair style and keep your hair in the best condition. It also will give your stylist the chance to suggest new cuts or spot any issues that need addressing.

  • Do not pull hair back too tightly – a ponytail is one style favored by many women and even some men. However, it is best not to pull the hair back too tightly. This can lead to issues such as bald spots. If you pull your hair back very tightly the fine hairs at the front can break and look thinner.
  • Get superb shine with cold air – another great tip for looking after your hair is to make use of the Cold Air function on your hairdryer. Blasting your hair with this setting when drying will give it a superb shine and a glossy look. The key is to only use it sparingly on hair that is already dry.
  • Give shampoo a rest sometimes – it would seem to make sense that using shampoo each time you shower will be good for your hair and keep it clean. However, many experts advise against this as prolonged use can damage your hair. Every other day is the recommended frequency that you should use shampoo in the shower to stop hair drying out.
  • Use the right brushes – we all have busy lives and financial constraints, so it is easy to use one brush for all our hair care needs. That is not advised as it is much better for your hair if you use the right brush for the right task. Doing so will help to look after hair, stop breakages and achieve a better look. Even if you cannot afford every type of brush, try to buy the ones needed for the styles you go for most frequently.

Use a professional hair care system

Of course, a big factor in caring for your hair is what you put on it. That is everything from the shampoo or conditioner you use to any special products you apply to it. A great tip is to use a dedicated hair care system that can help to promote thicker, fuller hair and healthy follicle regrowth. This will keep your hair in superb shape and help it to stay looking amazing throughout your life. As shown on their Viabrance Twitter account, high-end hair care company Viabrance have developed a hair care system that promotes healthy, gorgeous hair which many US women trust.

Looking after your hair is essential

Your hair is a very important part of your overall look, and it can affect how you feel about yourself. With this in mind, it is crucial to do all you can to protect it and keep it in the best condition for years to come. The above tips give you a few useful ideas on how to look after your hair to make it a positive part of your overall lifestyle.


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