Many men suffering from pattern baldness are taking advantage of FUE surgery. Pattern baldness in males is also known as androgenic alopecia. 50% of the men in the US with age more than 50 are most likely to suffer from this condition.

First of all, let’s see the causes of male pattern baldness. You can hold genetics responsible for pattern baldness. It has been found that androgens, male sex hormones are associated with male pattern baldness. These hormones are responsible for hair growth and other functions. Hair growth is a cycle involving four phases. This growth cycle weakens with time causing hair follicle shrinkage. As a result, hair strands become shorter and finer. In the end, the growth cycle ends and hair growth stops.

There is no side-effect of inherited male pattern baldness. However, inheritance is not the only cause of pattern baldness. Medications, certain cancers, anabolic steroids, and thyroid conditions are also known for causing male pattern baldness. In case some new medication triggers hair fall and causes some other health issues, see a doctor. While diagnosing male pattern baldness, the doctor will examine your medical history to rule out conditions like nutritional disorders or scalp fungal conditions. Peeling of the scalp, pain, redness, rash, patchy hair loss and hair breakage can also cause pattern baldness. Sometimes, blood tests and skin biopsy is required to diagnose the disorder causing baldness.

Usually occurring in adult men, teens can also face problems like male pattern baldness. However, the risk of pattern baldness increases with age. Risk of baldness is high when someone else in the family is suffering from pattern baldness.

Addressing hair loss

In case the hair loss is due to some other health conditions, you need to treat that health condition first. If you want to address this issue without any treatment then there are some options available to you. Following are the ways you can hide hair loss.


In case the hair loss is limited, you can try some hairstyle or haircut that can hide hair loss. Your hairstylist can suggest you some hairstyle that will make your head appear full of hair.


You can hide the complete baldness, thinning hair and receding hairlines with wigs. These wigs come in a wide of range colors, styles and textures. Use a wig that looks like natural hair. Keep the style, color, and texture of your real hair in mind while buying wigs. You can also take help of professional wigs stylists.


These are wigs sewn into natural hair. However, this technique can be helpful only when you have enough hair. Weaves stay on your head when you are involved in activities like showering, sleeping and even swimming. However, weaves can damage your natural hair.

Topical medication

There are some topical medications that are directly applied to the scalp. These topical medications can do the job but it will take 4 months to a year to get noticeable results. Apart from that, you will start losing hair if you stop using these medications.

There are some side-effects of these medications such as irritation, dryness, scaling or burning of the scalp.

There is only one permanent solution, FUE surgery. If you are an ideal candidate of FUE transplant then you can get healthy and natural hair growth without any side-effect. If you want to get rid of pattern baldness, see a doctor. And, if the doctor says that you are the right candidate for this procedure, go FUE hair transplant.


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