They say it is the thought that counts- send your best wishes, wrapped in gifts and let your dear ones know that they are special to you. The concept of gifts is no more confined to flower bouquets, perfumes or chocolates. Nowadays, personalized gifts are taking the rounds all across the globe. Cakes, chocolates, cushions, t-shirts, bottle- lamps and what not- customizations are available for every gift.Be it your anniversary or be it her birthday- personalized gifts are the best ways to win her heart over. Here’s a list of popular gift ideas that can be make it a bit more special for your loved ones on their special days.

Customized lamps

fruit basket

These are trending of late, especially among the youngsters. Be it a birthday or be a farewell- this can be a perfect gift for your close ones. On a farewell party, seldom do we realize what is being left behind; we laugh, we dance, we live every moment of the party- knowing little that in the days to come, how badly we will miss it.Nothing can be better than a glowing lamp to capture these memories in. Check out the online gift stores for bottle-lamps, and customize it with your favourite photograph.

Engrave it in style

Your teacher’s farewell or the last day of your colleague at work- engraved pens is one of the best gift options.Parker, Cross or Sheaffer Sentinel Ball- get their names engraved on these popular branded pens and make it special on the occasion of their farewell. They say to end it on a sweet note, so a box of assorted chocolates or sweets can do the rounds here. For those who are diabetic, the age-old box of sweet can be replaced with a healthy fruit basket. You can wrap along honey and dried fruitswith the fresh fruits as well.

Customized chocolates

For the chocolate lovers in your group, get set go on the hunt for customized chocolates. You must have come across photo cakes, now get your bestie’s picture printed on a chocolate bar- yes, it’s all edible. Customized chocolates, available in various shapes and colours can be tucked into the assorted gift pouches for your girls. Also, customizations are available on chocolate wrappers. Yes, provide the dimensions of your favourite chocolate, your message and photograph that you would like to get printed on the wrapper- and get it the exactly your way. These customized chocolates can be apt for a baby shower as well.

Fruit hampers

If you feel that chocolates are way too mainstream and you want to stand out of the league with your gift then go for an entirely different choice. Fruit baskets can be a gift gesturing towards a healthy diet of your loved ones. On the birthday of your grandfather nothing can be better than a basket loaded with fresh fruits. Check out the online services of fruit basket delivery and send over one loaded with cherries, oranges, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries on the special days of your loved ones.

It does not have to be an occasion, you can send out these customized gifts to your dear ones, as a simple gesture of love- just to convey that you truly care!


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