Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. It is located on the seven low hills which is near the southern tip of India and is one of the most beautiful places in India. It has many pristine looking beaches, greenery and also is filled with many architecturally beautiful temples.

The name was given to it by Mahatma Gandhi as the “Evergreen city of India”, suits it perfectly even today. It has many beaches that are perfect for strolling and also is an ideal holiday destination for relaxing under the sun. However, along with them it also has various historical structures and museums, which are of great importance from a historical point of view.

The place and its beauty had inspired the writer of Life of Pi, Yann Martel who was inspired to write about the animals after visiting the biological gardens here. He has also mentioned about the backwaters and temples of this place in that book.


The city has many beautiful places that one should visit. However, one shouldn’t miss on the chance of visiting some of the nearby cities that are equally naturally rich. Some of them are:


At a very close proximity to Trivandrum at 198.9kms, one can visit this port city by hiring a Trivandrum to Kochi Taxi. This city is situated on beach side and is one of the most important and busy commercial port. The port of this city has an old trading history which dates back to more than 600 years. Even today, the city enjoys the reputation of being the financial capital of Kerala.

Willingdon Island: This is one of the largest manmade islands which is present in India. The island is named after Lord Willingdon who was one of the British Viceroy of India. Located in Kochi, it links Kochi and Kerala to various other seaports of the world.

One can find some of the best hotels in the city in this island. One can also find many commercial and industrial buildings of the district being present in the city. If that wasn’t enough, there are the mesmerizing backwaters which surround this island, ready to steal your heart away.


At a mere distance of 70.4kms away from Trivandrum, one can hire a Trivandrum to Nagercoil Cabs and visit this place. It is a town that is present in the southernmost part of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the municipality and also the administrative headquarters of Kanyakumari District. In its very early days, the town was named to be Nanjilnadu along with its surroundings.

Nagaraja Temple: The exact origin of this temple is not known for sure. However, it has been presumed that this temples origin date back to the legendary times. The name for this temple was derived from the fiveheadedserpent deity who is present in the temple. The belief in this temple is very strong wherein, one believes that the deity inside the temple protects everyone from snake bites. Oddly to the belief, there have been no records of death with the same cause in the 5 km radius of this temple.


At a mere distance of 169.4kms away, this place is a very famous pilgrim site of India. One can reach this place by hiring Trivandrum to Sabarimala cab service. There are more than 30million pilgrims visiting this site annually which makes this the second largest in the world after the Haji Pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

This place is also an ideal location for trekking and along with the temple is also an ideal destination for the weekend gateway for its natural scenic beauty.


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