Smart parking is one of the fastest growing adept parking solutions in the world. Universities, shopping centers, airports, city garages are some of the few entities that have accepted the significant advantages of automated parking technology. The capability of analyzing, connecting the automated data and gather them from the particular devices is what makes smart parking possible.

Smart parking involves low-cost sensor, applications, and real-time data that permit the users to monitor available and unavailable parking areas. Smart parking solutions feature various smart options such as parking time notification, online payment, car searching functionalist and much more. A smart parking is advantageous for both the user and the lot owner.  Some of the mentionable benefits have been mentioned below go through them and get a better idea.


  • Optimized parking: In smart cities and towns optimized parking solution has greatly welcomed by the residents as this leads the users to find the best available spot, saving enough time effort and resources. In this smart process, the parking lot fills systematically avoiding a mess and the available space are utilized aptly by corporate and commercial entities. This leads the parking lot to be filled thoroughly leaving no unused area.
  • It reduces the pollution: According to a study searching for parking lot can burn near about one million barrels of oil a day. Whereas a smart parking solution would definitely decrease the driving hours that results in a low amount of regular vehicle emission and put a full stop to the excessive consumption of fuel.
  • Increased user experience: An optimal parking solution merge the entire user experience and turns it into a unified action. Activities such as spot identification, driver’s payment, time notifications, and locations sear all smoothly become part of the destination arrival process.
  • Increased safety: Followed by smart parking solution from the parking lot workers to the security contain original and authentic data prevent suspicious activity and parking violations. Special licensed recognition security cameras provide authentic footage of all the activities took place in the parking area. Else as the lot parking manager collect all the valid documents related to the car owner and the car it is easy to track or contact the user if any unpleasant mishap takes place.
  • New revenue streams: There are a number of new revenue streams which are possible only with smart parking solutions. For instance, the parking lot owners can enable the option of tiered payment depending on the location of the parking area.
  • Payments and POS: The users are able to replace regular manual cash payments using account invoice and application payment from their mobile. Smart parking technology also enables valuable user feedback and customer loyalty programs.
  • Elevate the brand image: A smooth and seamless experience would definitely escalate a commercial and corporate brand image to the car owner. Whether the destination is an airport, a retail shop or a business office the users would definitely have a positive impact on the smart parking technology.

Smart parking solutions involve parkingboxx that lead the parking more convenient and user-friendly to the car owner. So install smart parking solutions and experience smooth parking.


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