Whenever the world philanthropy has been spoken of, there’s a notion that only who have enough can afford to do some charity. And they are obviously elders in age as no child can get rich on their own other than inheritance. But obviously, the days and time are changing. Nowadays, even little kids show their interests in participating such philanthropic activities that are carried out in the neighborhood, and these kids are not only from the rich or well to do class, but are spread evenly across the society.

Selim Zherka, who himself works a lot for the community finds it to be a good sign for the community as a whole. In spite of being a renowned real estate tycoon of his area, he finds enough time to come up and help those kids of the community who need help, and also gather kids of the same age to help those who need it. He believes that increases a sense of companionship among the kids, and they get to learn how to stand by one another and help the community grow stronger.

Now, the question that has often arrived is why does such a practice been carried out right from such an early age? It has been seen that kids at such young age have a great adaptive capability, and they can learn it faster than the adults. So if they are made to have the practice of giving, it turns out to be a habit for him, and such inherent characters actually help the character grow strong.

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But how can this practice and habit be started? This might not be a tough question to answer as there are a plethora of causes and activities where the children can find themselves involved. However, Selim Zherka believes that one must understand the cause they are supporting as it helps in growing an interest and they feel the self-urge to come up and support the cause. Even there has to be substantial family support as well. Just involving the kids in individualistic fund raising and volunteering, the entire family start helping these charities. A kid grows up seeing the elders of the family, and when they see the entire family walking up with him, it really gets easier for them as they find like-minded activities around them.

Whenever there’s an approach of giving back to the community, and the entire family is involved in it, not just the recipients, but also the donating children are being benefitted. The world is indeed a mysterious place to sustain and the more you know about it, the wiser you get in life. These philanthropic activities will actually let the kids go beyond their experience and get to know the real world. Their exposure to the outer world actually lets them get wiser, and they adapt the capability of choosing bad and good.

So it is a complete individual that grows with these philanthropic activities. The skills they learn will definitely help them in the later stages of life.


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