You may have received emails and calls from recruiting firms regarding job offers in IT and Non- IT sectors in India, but have you ever delved into how these firms work and what is their exact job. We will tell you in this blog post about some leading   executive job firms of India and how they function.

When we receive calls from executive firms, many of us become curious to know how executive firm found my contact address and how it know that I am looking for this kind of job.

Executive search firms or anywhere in the world find top talent for the companies through interviews and tests. They call, email or SMS candidates and offer them job opportunities in the private sector. These recruitment firms basically help companies in managing human resources. Otherwise, it is difficult for a company to manage top quality man power on its own.

Executive search firms help them in finding right candidates to avoid the cost of a bad hire. They find candidates for executive, senior and other highly specialized positions for companies.

  The question that still remains to answer is how these executive search firms find contact addresses of candidates and how they pick up a candidate from thousands of resumes.

 Basically they utilize their personal contacts in their industry to find candidates for clients. They conduct interviews of candidates for specific jobs and then present their names to clients. Then it is the clients’ choice whether he/she will appoint the candidate or look for some more efficient one.

In addition they also help companies in drafting accurate job descriptions to attract specific candidates.

Executive Recruiting Firms

5 Top Executive Recruiting Firms in India are as follows:

 Following are 5 top executive search firms in India. Scroll down the page and read about these firms. Who knows they may have some splendid job opportunity in store for you that will open the gates of a successful career for you.

  1. RGF Executive Search

 It is considered one of the largest executive recruitment firms in Asia and is fast expanding in India. It falls under Japanese group – Recruit Holdings.

  1. Morgenall

Morgenall is one of the topmost leading technologies driven executive search firms in India that provides hiring services for IT and Non- IT sectors in India. The recruiting firm provides permanent, contract and temporary placement solutions to the qualified and able students. The company carries out recruitment drives for entry level, middle, contingent and virtual hiring.

  1. Anzy Careers

Anzy Careers is a relatively new recruiting firm that focuses mainly on IT and other Technology startups. It helped build teams for some leading startups of the country like Myntra, Flipkart, InMobi and Vdopia etc.

  1. Accord India

 AESC certified Accord India focuses on CXO and specialist searches. It has offices in metropolitan cities Delhi, Bombay, and Bangalore. It provides diverse services ranging from forensic due diligence to career transition services including market mapping services.

  1. ABC Consultants

 ABC Consultants is one of the popular recruitment firms in India. It is working in India from last many years providing jobs to qualified and able candidates in top companies of the country.


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