If you’re an expat in Japan, one of the fastest developing nations in the world map; each and every thing related to Japanese community life will make you impressed. As you travel by the super astonishing ‘Bullet Train’ the fastest train in the world, you will understand why the top CEOs, MDs and Business professionals of this country prefer availing this genius means of travel instead of their super luxury pricey cars while leaving for their workplace. In the similar way, from their customs, food culture, welcoming nature, disciplined way of life, like every element will make you engrossed about the nation. Well, the writing will remain incomplete if you’re not said about the wonderful tea of Japan.

Tea grows in Japanese tea garden is most sought-for beverage items worldwide because of their super taste, aroma and health benefits. If you’re a guest to any Japanese house, they will surely welcome you with snacks and tea. You must know that the foremost thing you are supposed to do is bowing yourself in front, which symbolizes ‘greeting’, ‘hello’ as well as ‘handshake’. This is the traditional manner of Japanese culture which is in-vogue and prevalent from centuries. If you like to have a cup of tea just say ‘ITADAKIMASU’, the world stands for ‘I would like to drink tea’.

Tea Ceremony Water

When it comes to Japanese protocol, by showing your familiarity with their etiquettes, you can impress them to a great extent. This will make you further sociable and friendly with the family members there. Hillel Krauss is a highly passionate to have tea that comes from the gardens of Japan. He also recommends enjoying the mind-blowing savor and zest of Japanese tea and also tells you table manners while you sit and take a cup of tea in a Japanese home.

  • Japanese tea cup refers to ‘yunomi’ reaches you with a lid on it. Remember to open it with right hand (and not by left) and turn the lid carefully at 90 degree angle. With this, no drop of condensed vapor will drop on the table top. Place the cap keeping inside facing up on the table.
  • Use you left hand to support the yunomi and hold it with the right hand. Men can make use of their index finger right on the edge of the yunomi while women should use all fingers of their right hand under the rim.
  • In Japanese culture, using both hands to hold the yunomi considers the individual well mannered or polite. This is a typical manner for pouring or serving alcohol, coffee or other drinks. Therefore, never use only one hand while receiving or serving a drink.
  • Drink the tea holding it with both hands, without making any noise. If you feel the tea is very hot for you instead of puffing it, wait till it becomes cool. However, don’t linger too much that considers you rude or unmannered.

After drinking the yunomi, don’t forget to say ‘GOCHISOUSAMA DESHITA’, which stands for ‘you have experienced a delectable treat’. Remember, this basic rule doesn’t apply if you take the tea in a tea ceremony. Hillel Krauss loves having exclusively Japanese tea, and welcomes a visitor with the same.


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