All that hard work is making you tired and cranky. It is time for a break – along (hopefully!) holiday of sorts from that deskbound job that seemed to be killing you an hour at a time.

A quick mental check of your bucket list of places to visit, followed by your choice of vacation destination is how you would start off. Now comes the actual planning – fly or take a train? Or would you want to rough it out by driving down? Nah. Driving is out! You definitely don’t want to add to your stress when the main purpose of the break is to break away from all that tension.

Flying is boring – all that standing around in long, serpentine queues at the airport and those nasty, invasive body checks. To top it all is that infernal waiting, which seems never-ending.

Short and sweet would hit the spot right now, and that leaves you with that most romantic way of traveling – the train!

Getting the booking of the tickets done is cakewalk these days. Packing is easy-peasy too. The only fly in the ointment is food. Carrying along Food for Travelling In Train can be quite a pain, especially when you are either strapped for time or are disinterested in cooking and packing it up.

Food during Train Journey

So do you go without Food during Train Journey? Nope, you don’t. You are the savvy sort, the one who keeps up with the modern times.

Ordering food online

All you do is search online for an ecatering joint. You will find many at the very first go. The next step is to choose any one among the lot and peruse through its menu to select the meal of your choice. Once that’s done, confirm your order and make the payment via credit/debit card, online transaction, or cash on delivery.

It is easy to find the type of food that titillates your taste buds. If you are the finicky sort, spend some more time and order just exactly what you think would soothe your gastronomic pangs. On offer are cuisines from all over the world, all delivered hot and fresh, and packed in easy to manage containers that prevent spillage.

The ordering sounds really easy, doesn’t it?

It is easy! No fuss, no muss. Now you are free to sit back and relax. Just take out any of entertainment devices you are carrying along and spend the hours in bliss. On the other hand, you can also look out the window at the vistas rolling by. Or do the daring thing and speak with your seat neighbors. Who knows, you may discover that the old-time idea of holding conversations was not really a bad one! If that’s not something you are keen on, you can take the easy way out by nodding off.

When the journey is as exciting as the destination itself, the fun quotient of a break multiplies many times over. You keep looking forward to working hard and partying harder.


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