Eating candies after meal packs is an age hold habit in India. “Khane kay baidh kuch metha hojaye” (have some candy post spicy food) is a very famous dialogue in India.This dialogue you will listen in many Bollywood movies, television serials and advertisements as well. Most recently this dialogue was used by Cadbury Dairy Milk to promote their product.Good news is now you have a variety of candies in India available online. You just need to order digestive candies online. There are a number of web portals in India which sell candies online. You can find a variety of candies available with them.  Digestive candies online India sell mainly herbal and spicy candies which are the number one choice of Indians.


Popular digestive candies online shops in India

In this article, we will provide you information about various online portals which sell digestive candies online. These online shops have plenty of juicy, irresistible and mouth watering candies to satiate the taste buds in India. The best thing about the Digestive Candies Online shops in India is that they sell you only herbal and spicy candies which are good for your health. Otherwise there are candies available in India which are just sugar and nothing else. These candies can be very detrimental for the patients suffering from diabetes. For diabetic people, there is good news that these online shops also sell sugar free candies. You will find various types of salty, sweet and tangy flavor candies available with these shops.  There herbal spicy candies can attract any candy lover towards them.

Most Popular digestive candies in India

Sometimes when we have a flashback of those popular candy ads of nineties, the image of poppins comes before our eyes. Poppins was the most iconic candy sold in nineties across India. Some other most familiar candies of 90s include Big Babol, Guru Chela, Magic Pop, Swad, Pan Pasand, Loco Poco, Mango bite and Aam Pachak etc.A very few of them are still found in market. The production of rest of the candies has been seized by the companies. The reasons are best known to the companies who used to sell those candies. In the present times, you can enjoy candies like Imli Candy, Orange Candy, Chatpati candy, Paan Candy, Mix Fruit Candy and many more. Most of these candies are available with one of the most popular digestive candies online shop across India Shadani.  Shadani sells digestive products to satisfy taste buds of candy lovers across India. It offers a wide range of digestive products containing herbal and spice ingredients in right proportions. The best thing about their candies is their tangy flavor and freshness with sweet and salty taste which makes people say “I’m lovin’ it”.


Candies are our favorites there is no doubt about it but health comes first. All the juicy candies available in market are not healthy. Different researches and studies on the candies available in Indian markets suggest that most of them contain sugar in disproportionate manner. Some contain carcinogens and artificial preservatives. So to buy healthy candies, visit digestive Candies Online Store, where you find a variety of juicy, tangy flavor, sweet and salty candies.


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