India is country with a blend of people with different culture which makes it the most diverse country, the difference in cultures has brought a lot of variety in the way people dress up, what they eat; every time you visit a different state in India, you will find altogether a different cuisine, lifestyle and clothing, that makes India the most colourful country. People across the world have appreciated the style of food served in the different region of the country. One of the reasons behind having a variety of cuisine is that during the ancient ages India was ruled by various rulers like Mughals, Marathas, and Sikh rulers, and at the end, the British. Each ruler had its unique lifestyle and eating habits which were inherited by the people of the country and hence here comes the blend of all these cuisines.

We are glad that we stay in a country that has so much to offer, hence this being the reason India is also considered as a “foodies heaven.” And for all those who have a sweet tooth, here you go with the most popular Indian sweets. The sweets made here are again influenced by the different cultures people follow here, for example, West Bengal has rasgulla, Ghevar comes from the state of Rajasthan, Mohanthal from Gujarat, Mysore Pak served by the state of Karnataka, Punjab has Phirni to offer, Modak from Maharashtra is something everyone craves for when it’s Ganesh Chaturthi. The state of Uttar Pradesh has a lot to offer when comes to sweets, Balushahi and Petha specifically called as Agra ka petha, as the sweet is famous worldwide and is made in a small city of the state Uttar Pradesh. After Taj Mahal, Agra is famous for its variety of different flavours of petha.

Agra ka Petha recipe  1

Agra ka Petha recipe was taken years back from the expert cooks who converted the common vegetable pumpkin into this mouth watering sweet. It’s an absolute delight to the sweet tooth. It is said that petha came slipping out of Mughal Kitchen at the time of Shah Jahan’s reign. Since then this sugary, sweet and syrupy delight is world famous and has won the hearts of many within the country as well as abroad. There are plenty of cottage industries making this delight in the Noori gate area of Agra. For those who love the sweet but cannot have it due to diabetes for them, all the variants are made sugar-free. The translucent sweet is either served dry as well as with syrup of different flavours. After having a bite of this delight, people tend to ask quite frequently how to make Agra ka Petha, but the recipe is intact with the experts who have been making this for ages now.

There is a well-known store in Agra which is quite popular for selling more than 100 variants of this translucent sweet. No one would have ever thought of getting this extraordinary sweet getting evolved from a regular vegetable, but as they say “cooking is an art” and apart from agreeing to this we have no other option.


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