Winaflex is the brand name of a popular steroid which belongs to the anabolic steroid group.   It contains Winstrol a chemical compound which was initially marketed by the Winthrop Laboratories in the 1950s. It is chemically known as Stanozolol which is chemically similar to the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone that is present in the body. It has been used by the people to increase the formation of muscle mass in the body and has been compared to the same level asDianaboluse to the body with lesser muscle gains.


Winaflex reviews

Winaflex brand from Flexlab is Winstrol which is marketed under this name. This parent compound Stanozolol has been a subject of a lot of controversies and has received media attention over the ages due to the innumerable controversies that are surrounding it. It is one of the steroids which have been popularly used by bodybuilders and athletes to give them the desired effect of a more muscular body.  It is an anabolic which can be used by both male and females with ease since the effect of the hormone is mild leading to lesser negative impacts to the body.Winstrol contains a C-17 alkylated carbon like the other steroids of the anabolic group which makes it fit for oral consumption helping it to resist the metabolic breakdown in the body.  Due to its effect on muscle formation, it has been used as a treatment of muscle wasting in people who have HIV/AIDS.

Effects of the Winaflex

Winaflex like the parent leads to muscle gains due to increase in the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis in the body.  It is a performance enhancing drug that is used by the people to get these gains. A positive impact of the steroid use is that it does not aromatize to form estrogen leading to lesser water retention in the body. It is due to this reason that the mass gain from this use is more predominant and not lost in the successive cutting cycle. It causes an increase in the strength and endurance of the body without bulking up.  Medically it has been used in osteoporosis as it helps in preserving the bone mass of the body.  A negative impact of the use of anabolic is that when used in large doses it can lead to toxicity of liver.  In spite of these it the negative impacts can be taken care by careful use of anabolic by experienced steroid users.

Availability of the steroid

Stanozolol drug has been classified as a Schedule III substance by the FDA in the US. It means that this anabolic cannot be obtained without a doctor’s prescription.  A doctor would not recommend the steroid for muscle building. It is due to this dilemma that people have to turn to other sources to get the steroid.  In this process, many people turn to the online market to help them get the steroid at the best prices.  A person has to be careful while choosing it and ensure that the steroid that they are buying is not a counterfeit. Oneof the sources of a good Winstrol source is pills of Winaflex brand from Flexlab. They contain the recommended amount of the drug, and it is a good source of obtaining of Winstrol from the market.


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