You are beautiful no matter what, everyone is beautiful, and beauty cannot be brought under some particular realm of definitions. What is beautiful to one cannot be beautiful to the other person, the reason why it is said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, beauty the term in itself is very subjective so everyone has their own form of deciphering something as beautiful.

Loving makeup is nothing wrong, you do not have to feel ashamed in accepting the fact that you love makeup, because it is not any magical trick or something like that, but it is something which enhances the glow or adds on to get the desired look for the party or maybe they have a particular routine for every day.

With the proliferation of youtube as the craze in our lives, it is so easy to get makeup tips Hindi, also not just tips you can actually see tutorials video by so many bloggers and after watching quite a few ones decide for yourself which one will suit you the best and which one will suit your skin type too.

Some very essential everyday make up’s that you should include in your everyday routine are:

  1. Sunscreen with good SPF’s. they are a must for everyone if you want to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays that come to attack your skin also it is important for you if you do not want to get tanned by the scorching heat of the sun, use sunscreen on a daily basis for a healthy glowing skin.
  2. A good primer for your skin which suits your skin the best, too many people do not use primer, but it is very important to use a primer before applying makeup because first it acts as a base which does not let the makeup harm your skin, secondly, primer helps to set your makeup allowing your makeup to last longer, which is very helpful when you are working or a college student, so include a good primer in your makeup kit.
  3. Go for foundation, but be careful enough to not go for every brand you see and fall for marketing tips, remember you are the best guide for your skin so you will know it the best, so do not apply anything and everything that look good, your skin is designed in a particular manner so go for the foundation which perfectly matches your skin tone and if needed go through a swatch test.
  4. A compact to fix all the foundation and help it not come out with the sweat or by the heat, again compact has different shades so remember not every shade will match your tone and if you are not sure of the shade to ask it to the person in the shop, because any random shade might spoil your entire makeup making it look cakey, also you can actually go through the makeup in Hindi tips and know how exactly you can do your makeup perfectly for any occasion.


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