When you think about going to brunch parties, it’s pretty enjoyable. You just go over when you’re ready and on time and enjoy all the food and conversation with your friends. However, have you ever thought about hosting a brunch party? It can be very rewarding, although a lot of things can go wrong if you aren’t careful. To help you host a stress-free brunch party, here are some tips that you ought to remember to help keep it organized and be the best that it can be.

Have Lots of Options

Remember, brunch is a word that stands for breakfast and lunch, so you should have a combination of both of those foods when you are serving. You can’t simply make breakfast or only lunch foods and call it brunch. To avoid making things too complicated, make it simple by having scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, cereals, pastries, etc., for the breakfast department. You should also have things for lunch such as soups, pasta, salads, etc. Don’t forget to serve up some delicious desserts, too!

Prepare Ahead of Time

One of the biggest time savers that will save you from stress is having foods that you can prepare ahead of time and just requires cooking or reheating afterward. Typically the breakfast section will be very easy for this since you can just scramble up the eggs on the day itself or have ready-made hash browns that just need to be fried. Lunch can be simple too by preparing the salad and soups beforehand and just heating up what needs to be heated on the day itself. However, you can also save yourself even more stress by hiring brunch catering northern VA instead. Most brunch catering northern VA companies are experts in their field and will serve up delicious food that’s perfectly warm and ready.

Have Drinks

No one just wants to drink plain old water during a party. Think about breakfast, for instance, it is full of an assortment of different drinks. You should definitely have the caffeine basics such as coffee and tea along with tea, creamer, milk, etc., ready at the serving table. Fruit and vegetable juices will also be a great addition to have alongside those. Most importantly if you are hosting a brunch party for adults, you can’t forget the booze. While most people may not want to drink straight whiskey at that time, everyone loves a good cocktail to feel like they’re drinking their “adult juice.” Whip up some bloody mary’s and mimosas and you should be ready to go.

Brunch parties can be hard to prepare since a lot of food can get involved, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to get and what to do. By choosing the right assortment of foods and drinks, preparing ahead of time, or simply hiring an excellent brunch catering service, you can have an excellent brunch party. Just stay calm and be sure to prepare the food early or schedule an appointment with a catering service to make your party a success.

Things can get pretty busy when you’re hosting a meeting or a party. If you need brunch catering northern VA, contact Saint Germain Catering today!


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