Student life is fun and enjoyable and if you are studying in a campus that focuses on value education, you will find that you will really have an enjoyable experience that will be unforgettable as well. There are some educational institutions that help you in a large way when it comes to preparing you for the future. They not only focus on your academic needs and demands but they ensure that you get the best care and guidance when it comes to contributing to society and making a difference in society!

Soka Gakkai International Center- incorporating the message of love and peace in their lives

The Soka Gakkai International Center is an esteemed academic institution in Japan. It has centers across the world and focuses on the value educational needs of the students from across the world. It is also known as SGI or Value Creation Association International and is a global Nichiren Buddhist center that was established in 1975 by Daisaku Ikeda. It is one of the world’s largest Buddhist organizations that has about 12 million practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism spread in approximately 192 nations in the world. It is an extensive support network for the practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism and a global organization for education, peace and exchange of cultural relations among members and students.

Happy and blissful members

Many people come or stay here at the SGI and they have reported many happy and satisfying experiences especially when it comes to self-empowerment and transformation. The center ensures that you get connected to a network of like-minded individuals that are followers and practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism. They have regular discussion groups where they can share their experiences and learn from others as well.

Exchange of valuable views and opinions

They are held on a monthly basis in the homes of SGI members. They practice the chanting of Buddhist mantras and they have the sole mission to preach non-violence and peace in the world. The members that stay here state that they have been able to transform themselves with regular Buddhist chants and association with like-minded members.

Some have had outstanding experiences and feelings when it came to clarity of thought and eradication of negative patterns. They have been able to look inside of themselves and discover the power, courage and the wisdom that they share. The Centre focus on The Lotus Sutra that was founded by Shakyamuni or Siddhartha who was the Founder of Buddhism. The SGI is a non- profit body and it has association with the United Nations and holds a consultative status with UNESCO since the year 1983.

The Soka Gakkai International Center is one of the few centers where you will find a Buddhist community from all parts of the globe. They live in harmony with one another and are known to promote the message of love and peace among members. At the same time the members are happy as they have managed to enrich their lives and have incorporated the positive message of love and peace in their lives with success!


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