The Role of Home Tutor

Success in distance education based on student– home tutor work together as a team. As a teacher, a house you play a vital role in facilitating you can also connect the primary school teachers and children. We as home tuition kajang, always keep the relation between or tutor and the students.

As home tutor, your main role is to guide, encourage and support the child/children in the development of independent learning skills enabling them to accomplish specific tasks in a timely manner through negotiation.

Students learn better when they have a safe learning environment and a stable and positive. To achieve successful learning, you should:

  • Careful preparation for each lesson.
  • Ensure that students in the necessary course material and equipment
  • Ensure that students complete the work in the time allotted
  • Help stimulate the students
  • Train them to develop good study habits and be responsible for their own learning


Supporting Student Learning

Home tutors can support learning in the following ways:

  • Be positive and enthusiastic, and interest in your child’s work. Discuss business with your studentduring the study period where to receive immediate feedback or additional assistance if necessary.
  • To be consistent. Most students look for packages and system integrity.
  • Encourage learning outside the classroom. Negotiate with the teachers to integrate local events in the program, or writing a travel diary.
  • If you have more than one child to teacher’s House, encouraging them to work together sometimes.
  • For example, older children can write Congress with younger kids, or read to younger children.
  • Check your child’s work and go through any incorrect work with them. It is important to leave any incorrect action, appears with attempts to correct them under. It givesthe teacher information about processes is using by your
  • When the work returned by the teachers, discussing the feedback provided by the teacher or the other tutor. Home tuition kajang always do our best to resolve the student’s problems.
  • Time table is needed, there will be times when you need to be flexible. Your student may be sick or might be busy with other demands.
  • Students may be learning difficulties or special needs a modified learning.


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