Yes, you can learn to fly while completing your university degree. A recreational flight training program would be a perfect idea for you to obtain the fundamental skills of flying and earn a degree at the same time.

Combining your university degree with flight training is the best way to save a lot of time. By obtaining your recreational pilot licence while still studying means you can enter the aviation industry faster.

Why choose a recreational flight training program?

While you are still in university, a recreational flight training program can help you build a foundation of pilot knowledge. These types of courses involve fundamental training including both theoretical and practical methods. As a result, you gain crucial skills and knowledge to help you become prepared for flying. And this experience helps you when you indulge in advanced pilot training courses in future.

How will a college degree help in airline career?

Aviation is a big industry involving prestigious positions. Hence, your education matters a lot when you are out there looking for a job. The flight training offers you the skills required. But it is the university degree that gives you a positive upgrade regarding personality, knowledge, and experience. So, getting a flight training certificate and completing your degree are both valuable decisions for your career in aviation.

What will you learn in a recreational flight training program?

With online availability of flying schools, it is pretty simple to enrol in such courses. All you need to do is find a suitable school and apply for the course after a thorough inspection. With that, you can start your training.

Usually, the flight training starts with theory sessions. These sessions give you foundational knowledge about flying techniques, gear, maintenance, and others. Then, you get to test your knowledge with advanced simulation sessions.

After mastering your skills in simulation training, you then obtain your chance to fly an actual aircraft. However, an experienced instructor stays with you during these flights. It takes a couple of flights to achieve solo flying opportunity.

Finally, you get the chance to pass a test designed according to your course. In the end, you receive a certificate that presents various opportunities in the industry.

So, that is the whole process you go through during your training program.

Choose a flexible training program

You might be thinking that it would not be easy to manage both college and flight training. But that is not a problem these days. Thankfully, there are flying schools available in both part-time and full-time courses. You can schedule flight training sessions according to your college time and holidays. This way, you don’t feel stressed out or find difficulty in managing your training and college.

You can indulge in a summer program during your college vacations. The courses with a duration of roughly six months would be perfect to complete your training.

Hopefully, this article has boosted your motivation to apply for a recreational flight training course while you are still in school.


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