Your employees come in at 9 am but do not start work till 9-30. How do you get them to cut down on pantry time and measure their actual productive hours? Our software Time Clock Boss will help you measure just that with its Clock in Clock Out Tool.

Employees record their log in and log out times with our software. Time Clock Boss’ Clock in Clock Out Tool gives a more accurate record than traditional swipe systems. This tool is integrated with other features of the tool such as time sheet. At the end of the month it can generate a report with all the details in one time sheet.

timing system for the employers1

This tool helps you to track employee time including time spent on individual tasks. For instance, if a project manager assigns employee 5 hours to complete an illustration. The employee logs in 7.5 hours for the task. The project manager can view this time clocked in on this task via the software provided. The project profitability is measured in this manner where in the clock in time on a task will give an idea of the time estimated versus the actual time spent and impact on cost.

The tool has a very easy to use interface. All you have to do is go to the dashboard and generate a time sheet report for an employee. The report will provide details on which project employee spent time on. Also, it records how many hours. It give an accurate picture of the log in and log out time of an employee.

The tool also has a notification system. That is, an alerts system can be set up for a particular or all employees, when they clock in after a certain time period. The manager will be alerted that the employee is late or is absent.

The app is also available on the mobile. If you have staff in the field, you can keep a track of their time by asking them to log in via the mobile dashboard. Even employees at remote locations can use this till to report their time based activities.


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