Road freight is the most popular sights to witness on main roads and express ways. Trucks are continuously in transit transporting goods from one corner of the state to the other. The efficiency and the ease with which cargo shipping can be done using road freight is one of the reasons that it has been around for so long. Trucks are also used for worldwide freight shipments, even though this is only a feasible solution if there are open and drivable land routes between the countries.

After the shutting down of Foster Frac LLC, Champion Truck Lines has been founded which is in the business of freight transportation services. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this company is managed by the veteran Brandon Foster. Champion Truck Lines offers transportation services such as flatbed trucking services and partial truckload services to the customers. Brandon says that the shutting down of Foster Frac LLC has actually taught him a lesson as this has actually helped him to understand how to cater to the needs of the customers. Foster Frac has been closed when the demand for Fracking Sand decreased with the drip in the price of crude oil.


Cargo shipping is one of the main elements to the success of most businesses, whether they manufacture a product or offer a service. Freight transportation is what helps distribute supplies, products and stocks to businesses across the nation. Even if the freight shipments are sent by ship or air, once those shipments reach the port or airport, the goods are then transported to their final destination via road freight options. Nowadays, road freight can be two variations, for the transport of goods and the transport of people. Both methods of road freight have different necessities and need different licensing. Champion Truck Lines, LLC presents a number of supply chain solutions as well as logistics management services. They offer innovative solutions with the best processes, people, and technology to drive special value for your company.

Listed below are some of the reasons that explain why the road freight transportation service of Champion Truck Lines is considered to be the best:

  • It offers complete cost saving and time efficient strategies custom-made to meet the changing requirements of the customers.
  • It treats all clients irrespective of their size and status equally.
  • It employs only the experienced drivers who know the intricate road maps of the area. Moreover, the hiring process is quite strict so that only the best drivers are selected.
  • It makes sure that all the dispatchers are available round the clock so that the clients can receive safe and timely delivery of the freight.
  • It makes sure that there is no or a negligible downtime so that the customer’s fright can be picked up and delivered promptly.
  • It ensures that all the trailers and the trucks are DOT compliant and are maintained on a regular basis.
  • It scrutinizes e-logs, driver qualification and equipment maintenance on a regular basis.

All these make Champion Truck Lines, one of the best road freight transportation companies in the United States.


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