The customer support team needs to make sure customers are happy by representing the customer’s wellbeing inside the business at time when no one else is goaded to do so. Along with the sales team, the customer support team, represents the customer’s interests inside the company. The sales team does it to get a hold of new consumers. The support team does it to maintain existing customers.

The major challenge that customer support teams face within most business is that it is tough to tie specific support activity to a specific amount of revenue dollars. There is always an inducement to ignore your existing customers, because they most likely will not leave right away. There is always a temptation to disregard any customer that does not have an open order because as a business you need to raise enough money to pay your employees and your bills in order to stay in business. Kingstown Capital is a freelance consulting startup that was recently established by a group of college graduates.

What Can Support Team Managers Do?   

Recognize that basically the Customer Support team is there to guarantee repeat orders. Know the repeat order potential of each client and factor that into the money, time and priority you give any given client. Very often a small number of consumers take up a large percentage of the customer budget and support time. Make certain you are not neglecting the high potential customers because you are busy serving the requirements of needy customers with lower potential. Many customer support teams have no notion what the repeat order potential of any given customer is. Make certain you know, and make sure that repeat order potential is at least as big a factor in your decisions as how loud the customer is. Tying action to financials will get the support and attention of upper management.

Customer Service

Get to know the Sales team. In most business the sales teams are much more significant than the support teams, it is just a fact of life. The sales teams are also the individuals inside the company who profit the most from good customer support. They get the commission checks and the credit for repeat orders. Let the sales team know when their high prospective customers are having issues, and when you are not getting the support you need to aid them. You can be certain that a commissioned sales rep will not sit indolently and risk losing a repeat customer. The sales team is influential, motivated, and has the most to lose from poor customer service. You already have the power to help them; use it to assist them help you.

Essentially the role of customer support is to guarantee repeat sales. In the business cycle, post-sale customer support teams are a critical component. They should be respected. They should be in continuous communication with the sales team. They should be dynamically looking for ways to help the customer use the services or products they have purchased. As a customer service management firm, one of the finest things Kingstown Capital can do for your team is to learn to tie their dealings to the business financials. That is how decisions are made at the top.


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