Are you looking for a wondrous residential place where you can see breathtaking sceneries and great services? Are you a choosy buyer? There is a new condominium launch in Kota Kinabalu which is perfect for you and it surely won’t let you down!

The third and the last Bukit Bantayan Residence tower has finally been built in Kota Kinabalu. It is an 18-acre Highland condominium that offers different recreational and other field activities for every inhabitant to enjoy and relish upon. Besides, there are also recreational facilities for every Bukit Bantayan dwellers to spend their time with such as 50m infinity pool, playground for the children, green canopy walk, reflexology path, and multipurpose exercise center and court. The words: boredom and doldrums are nonexistent in Bukit Bantayan Residences. Every day, you will get to have new rounds of fun and enjoyment.

This project is ace intended to give you the perfect and utmost convenient social gathering and residential place with your family, friends, and relatives. Indeed, as a friendly zone residential building, it is paramount that the thousands or hundreds of people living or renting certain units can socialize with one another, get closer, play with each other, and starts to enjoy each other’s company. That is why it is strategic for Bukit Bantayan Residences to establish different public and recreational facilities to give the inhabitants opportunities to meet each other to develop and maintain the good and friendly environment.

new condominium launch in Kota Kinabalu

Bukit Bantayan Residences is situated on top of the hill of Inanam, Kota Kinabalu which gives you a spectacular view of the ocean, forest, KK Skyline, airport view, and anything in your surroundings. Furthermore, even situated on a slope-side, Bukit Bantayan Residences brandishes a quake-safe structure that can withstand up to 7.0 Richter seismic extent scale from the Ranau epicenter. So it has a strong and stable foundation making it safer to live in than ever.

The newly-built condominium will involve 320 units of adjusted flats, offering five kinds of design with fabricated ups extending from 904 square feet to 1,100 square feet. The condominium’s home price starts from RM493, 800. It was set at an excellent price worthy enough of the magnificent and luxurious residential units.

Bukit Bantayan Residences will likewise constitute 25 retail units in Village Square, giving the inhabitants an accommodating and comfortable way of living. The retail units are for rent and overseen by the developer assigned.

The transportation system is also convenient in Bukit Bantayan Residences. Each of the units has one parking garage and you can buy an additional car park if you wish.  In general, Bukit Bantayan Residences screams comfortable and can completely provide your daily necessities and even more so than you could ever ask for.


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