The philanthropic activities have been unsteady with the varying attitudes of people towards charity. The corporate world has also witnessed important participation of many major companies and their leaders becoming popular philanthropists besides succeeding in the business. It has been the law of nature that you get what you give. Those entrepreneurs and successful business people who engage in these activities, are simply sharing there rewards with the public.

There might be two possible benefits to take Philanthropic initiatives; it might be find happiness in sharing. Or else it could also be advantageous for the reputation of the individual or the company participating. Either way giving back to the society what it needs is a step towards making a good place for the self in the society.

Marc J Leder, the co-founder and presently the Co-CEO of Sun Capital Partners Inc. started his career with investing in underdeveloped and struggling companies. Since 1995 when this private equity firm started, he has been relentlessly working diligently with every other company member to make it reach new heights. His way of working was very precise, with great attention over detail. He had knowledge of every little thing going in the every companied they acquired. Besides his full attention on his work, he never missed participating in philanthropic events and organizing fundraising events.

Marc J Leder

Struggling to land up a job in investment banking firm or any private equity, he ended up starting his own company with his friend. First few years had been no easy, with their unique concept of investing in companies; they had trouble in convincing investors. Little had he known that the path would lead him to glorious success. This journey from nothing to something of immense significance, has kept him grounded and tied to his roots. His experiences made him thank the society by arranging charitable events.

Marc J Leder took it one-step further by successfully establishing Sun Capital Partners Foundation in 2007, along with his partner. A man with a vision to bring about positive growth and change in the society, his aim with this company was to unite all workforce of his company, his business partners and portfolio companies. By bringing all under one roof, the amount of contribution would be massive and splendid. The new foundation until now has been of great assistance and support to over 250 Non-profitable organizations. They provided comfort and aid to the victims of natural disasters like earthquake and hurricane. Their initiative is also to improve lives of hundreds of children who are helpless and require proper shelter and schooling.

There are few like him, but nonetheless there effort in causing a positive transformation of lives is massive. There should be more companies and organizations to be a part of such great cause. It is time to give back to the society what it wants and deserves. Get above the personal profits and loss, and make a choice of doing something revolutionary. Being a businessperson, take a step towards being a philanthropist.


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