Thailand’s economy holds many promises for businesses leaping into any of the diverse industries that make up the economy. Running a business in this country is no simple feat, as governmental bureaucracy is usually the great limitation in getting a venture up and running. Forget running a business. Try searching for an office, and you could easily get lost in Thailand’s tricky commercial real estate landscape.

For those unfamiliar with city ordinances and governing laws, you can find yourself committed to a protracted lease in a building that might or might not suit your needs, thus making your efforts in running a business almost futile. However, today’s business proprietors who choose Thailand’s lucrative economic landscape for their venture have options. One of the more popular options is the serviced office. Click on Servcorp’s link at to learn more about how the serviced office works.

Continue reading below to learn more benefits to leasing a serviced office in Thailand and how this office solution can help you get a foothold in this exciting market.


One of the major impediments to leasing space in Thailand’s diverse commercial real estate market is pricing. For larger businesses with a lot of funding, leasing space in some of the more premium locations costs nothing to businesses that generate a lot of money. However, SMEs and start-ups with smaller budgets might find the cost of entering into a typical lease too expensive, especially in prestigious locations. Enter the serviced office.

The serviced office is probably one of the most cost-effective methods for businesses that have to operate from a physical address. Because the serviced office essentially streamlines the process of leasing space, your monthly overhead is drastically reduced, and you only have one bill at the end of the month. Furthermore, start-up costs are much lower than with your standard lease.


Thailand’s business districts usually command a hefty price tag, and while commercial real estate in the country has a positive outlook, rents still are high in premium locations, especially in Bangkok. For SMEs or start-ups shopping for office space in the major business districts, they are going to face a major dilemma. Pay excessively for space or alternatively find space in less attractive areas, but miss out on the foot traffic that drives business in the major business districts. However, the serviced office can even remedy this dilemma.

Serviced offices typically are in buildings in or near downtown business centres. For your business in Thailand, this translates into you being operating your company from a centrally-located, premium address. Furthermore, serviced offices can fully furnish your office, in addition to providing you with standard office equipment and staff support for much cheaper than if you had you leased office space on your own.


Probably the best benefit of leasing a serviced office in Thailand’s economic environment is that it is one way to guarantee you have the flexibility to either scale your office space up or down. In fact, serviced office leasing providers typically have other plans that you can easily adapt in response to business growth, for example, the executive suite, virtual office, and co-working spaces usually make up the menu. As opposed to orchestrating a relocation effort, a simple modification to your lease can get you into a larger, or smaller, place. In essence, with a typical serviced office lease, your business does not suffer from the amount of downtime required in making a move.

Taking Your Business Up A Notch

By leasing a serviced office, your business gains the advantage of being fully fitted out with some of the finest office furnishings and world-class IT services. Furthermore, your business address and phone number place you in some of the more prestigious locations in and around Thailand, which can do wonders for the image your business reflects the Thai community. Finally, all of these benefits come at the fraction of a cost to the traditional lease.


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