Time Clock Wizard software is the best web based time clock app available. It utilizes some of the most advanced technology for the collection, management of employee attendance, time, tracking, payroll and more. Time Clock Wizard starts with a dashboard where you access all the information and view data at a glance.  With its advanced functionality, this time card wizard software gives management on the plenty of support. Managers can quickly see where and when employees are clocked in. The time card wizard software also allows for submission of reimbursement requests with an image receipt. The software also accrues absences and employee unavailability. This is done through a simple process of entering any time frame from hours to days into the system. To complement all the features, time clock wizard software has an exemplary notification system.

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Managers can notify employees about all the schedules and schedule changes through email or SMS.  Employees can use the system for switching shifts with one another. An accurate clock in the system for employees helps you to stay in compliance with tax reporting. This will prevent overpayment of payroll taxes due to inaccurate records. If you want more relevant information you refer to this www.timeclockwizard.com.

When one of your employees logs in, the first thing you will see is the dashboard. This screen is easy to use and you can easily locate all of the information you require at a glance. It will show your schedule hours you have worked during this pay period, and any requests that you have made. Additionally, it will alert you of upcoming birthdays and you can see where to actually clock in and out on this page. Those in managerial positions can easily use this www.timeclockwizard.com in order to find out who is on the clock and where they are supposed to be stationed. This app is a real time saver when an employee is needed quickly. Using an automated timekeeping system minimizes discrepancies. The record is the proof of attendance. When you use the automated system, it can generate a report on the how many hours were worked by each employee and how much in wages is payable to each person.


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