Nickel based alloys are mostly used where high temperature will be experienced, this is the reason that people find considerable use inside the turbine engines where temperatures are higher than its melting point of many types of metals. Inconel 718 is an alloy which is based on nickel and its bar exhibits excellent high yield tensile. This is mainly used in application which needs high strength for instant jet engine and high speed air frame such as wheel high temperature bolts and spacers.

You can find this inconel 718 as bar, wire, strip, sheet and plate. The bars are then machined into tubes which are used for actuation system tubes, air conditioning water supply and military aircrafts to very high tolerance.

Basically these nickel based alloys are very heavy and difficult to form. Hence it is very difficult to form its usage is limited to the areas where its properties are important. If the advantage of this alloy is their high strength try to maintain up to very high temperature but one of the major disadvantage is it is very difficult to work and very dense.

Aerospace market is the primary reason for the development of this alloy. The jet engine industry has been using this nickel alloy for more than 50 years to enhance the power and its performance. To make it simple the higher the temperature the more thrust can be produced and most probably the operation temperature are limited by the capacity of the material used in the environment.

This alloy is mostly used for high temperature and corrosion resistance applications. There are wide variety of nickel based alloys have been developed each year for different usage. Among those may varieties select the one which is very use for you and your use. Before select a type make sure that you are well aware of the alloy which you have selected and know the advantages and disadvantages about it. This will greatly helps you to handle the alloy safely and usefully. Search online and gather all the information regarding the selecting alloy before you start using it.


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