Keeping track of time and projects is not easy irrespective of whether it’s a large or small businesses; and neither is it’s smooth sailing when it gets down to keeping tab on each employee’s performance.

Keeping a comprehensive record of employee timings is one of the most important elements that we learn in business. If you don’t maintain a record of your employee’s work timings, you’ll never know about the tasks they are covering.

Time tracking software is basically used with other management tools, like customer support tools, accounting tools, and tools for synchronization. It’s also very helpful for HR teams to help the management formulate their policies, and to study employee behavior.

Benefits of employee time tracking software

There are a lot of benefits that are associated with such amazing Employee Scheduling time tracking software that’s mentioned below:

  • Improves productivity by providing scientific and verified tools. These tools use the employee timesheet to capture data, and then convert it into actionable information.
  • Increases transparency for a better process visibility, and all the activities of the employees. It also automates the working hours, and attendance, to improve the conformity of fulfilling the official requirements.
  • Automates workforce management by generating automatic bills and invoices, depending upon the time spent on it. Also, it automatically updates the timesheets every hour.
  • Helps HR management in keeping the record of attendance of employees, and it also manages the overstaffing. It’s a paperless process that minimizes the possibility of various human errors, and improves the operational efficiency.

How does it impact employees?

An employee time tracking software platform is one of an exclusive tool that enforces better time-management. Such tools are making a great impact on employees, those who are hardworking, and sincere.

Time Tracking

Time tracking software for employees inculcates time discipline in employees to help promote good work practices. There are many employers who under-bill their employees. They do so by making timesheet entries manually which increases their risk level. If the time tracking software is used for such purposes, then you’ll find a drop in risks, while also maintaining accurate records.

It’s become easier to recognize high performers with bigger responsibilities because of the considerable improvement in transparency. Also, transparency makes employees realize their potential to earn, and push them to higher efficiency levels.

Diverse time tracking software made available

There are a number of popular time tracking software in the market today, like Anuko time tracker, Open time clock, Kimai, TimeTrex, Time clock MTS, Time Clock Genie, and many more. Out of all the software, some prominent ones are are certainly making their presence felt in the market fantastically:

  • Anuko time tracker: Open source software that you can easily install from the web that tracks time by task. It also runs employee’s detailed reports. You can host it yourself, or the company will host it for you.This software is free for up to five employees.
  • Kimai: This is free open-source software, which is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. It also tracks work time of employees.
  • Time Clock Genie: This is free robust software, which is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. It also tracks work time of employees, biometric tracking, shift schedules, payroll, gas reimbursement, and so much more at now.


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