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How to Select the Best Training Venues

How to Select the Best Training Venues

Training rooms or conference venues come in a variety of choices. Finding the right place can be potentially daunting and time consuming.

Here are some top tips to help you select the best training venues Melbourne:

  • Location

It is the number one factor while choosing a training venue. Choose a location that is reachable to all attendees. The venue must have good transport links like automotive and public transport and also have ample parking space. Because of rising services of domestic air transport, it will be good if venue is close to airport.

  • Budget

Prior to beginning your search, determine a budget for use and adhere to it. Avoid being attracted by more costly venues which do not fit your budget. At the same time, do not fall for venues that offer rock bottom rates as they may have hidden fees or may fail to deliver services offered. Select a venue which has good value, great facilities, and good catering services. Most venues offer a package of services that include training rooms, food and other elements. Also, take time to check the credentials of the company and read testimonials of former customers.

  • Modern conveniences

Even if you are searching for a venue for a low key event, you will require some form of audio-visual technology. Very few meetings or training sessions lack the basic technology like PowerPoint. Great training venues have all facilities such as flip charts, digital projectors, speaker systems and interactive white boards. Several of your attendees will need to make use of smartphones, laptops and tablets to take down notes. Ascertain whether venue has Wi-Fi support.

  • Space

You must pay close attention to the amount of space you are hiring. Generally conference or training venues provide rooms of various sizes, from small training rooms for a few trainees to lecture halls that can accommodate hundreds. In case you pick space which is too small, experience will be uncomfortable and cramped. At the same time small venues will be suitable for a more intimate meeting. For large meetings, the venue must offer ample space with rest rooms, accommodation, break out areas, restaurants etc.

  • Accommodation

If training persists for a few days, you will want accommodation facilities apart from the training rooms. Even if the training gets over in the afternoon, attendees will not like to drive back home for hundreds of miles. Ensure accommodation near training venue for attendees to rest and refresh themselves.Select training venues that also offer accommodation. Thus people can take rest without further travel.

  • Response time

When you have zeroed your choice to a few conference or training rooms, consider how fast the sales team of your venue provides a response to your inquiry. This will indicate the quality of their service throughout the training period. You may also like to pay a personal visit to the training venue to ascertain that it meets your standards.

  • Site visit:

When you pay a visit to the venue, check out following details:

-the cordiality of the reception service

-Cleanliness and tidiness of premises

-Facility for car park

-Catering facilities and menu

-Behaviour and politeness of staff

-Does training room meet your needs?

– Does it have outside space suited to your break-out sessions?

These are all some tips for selecting your training or conference venue.


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