You have a company of fifty plus employees and handle nearly hundred or more small and big projects annually. Yet your turnover is not enough to invest in expensive software. Instead you can use the completely Free Online Time Clock Software.

It tracks time for large number of employees, helps you task and manage their schedules across projects. Our Free Online Time Clock Software comes with full customer support for an unlimited period of time. The online clock also has several other features.

The four key features offered are

  • Employee time tracking–The employee time tracking feature is possible due to the online clock. Your clock starts ticking when you log into the system. It records your log in time and again when you log out, it records the log out time.
  •  Employee scheduling–The clock also has a virtual calendar attached which allows you to prepare time managed schedules for your employee.
  •  Task management– You can use the online clock feature to set start and end time for time bound tasks.
  • Payroll processing–You can use the time tracking reports generated to process the payroll. The time used for working, time taken off and absences all get reflected in the reports.

The online clock software has several other dependent and auxiliary features as well. For instance, the employee time tracking has correction features. The employee can request to reset the clock in time in case of some punching error or any other reason. The manager can approve or disapprove this request from his or her own control panel. This is useful when multiple employees make a request. Similarly, employees can also track the number of leaves taken and the number of pending leaves. On the basis of this he or she can request leaves.

The online clock also has an alerts or notification system to issue alerts to managers about employee activities. For example, if an employee comes late and clocks in late, a sms alert or push notification, if enabled can be sent to the manager. The manager can also be alerted if the employee clocks out early.

Thus, time and task tracking become a child’s play with our software.


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