There are many types of factory audits in China as the type of industries differs. It is the same with the auditing service companies present in China. There are local audit agencies to international audit firms. They help to see your supplier’s valuation before buying their products. As far as China is concerned, the manufacturing companies follow the best practice in their industry. They do abide by local and international compliance. This is how; they are able to be number one in exports and imports. It is advisable for all importers to do timely factory audits of their supplier.

Suppliers Audit in China

Conducting factory audits is the best way to choose the right supplier. The importer must also see that they are having a back-up supplier too. All these can happen when you hire the service from a trusted audit company in China. A supplier may have various ISO registrations. It does not mean that you do not audit those factories. You must carry on for your assurance that they will supply your ordered goods on time and with quality. The below mentioned are some of the major audits you can carry on with your supplier.

Social Compliance Audit

The supplier must ensure their employees are included in various statutory compliances as per the China industrial act and labor act. This will ensure their welfare, safety and other advantages they are going to earn through that factory. This is because a healthy environment is a better way to work with your workforce.

Factory Compliance Audit

Your supplier must meet all necessary compliances of a factory in China. They must renew various registrations and licenses on time. The non-compliance may lead to fines, penalties and even seal a factory. You can check their business license and ownership too. This is a healthy practice to check your supplier before engaging them with your business.

Manufacturing Process Audit

The in-process audit is necessary to see that there is a quality of works during production. You can check from the raw material side. You can also see how it is being processed in the initial stage. This is because a supplier may have more than one factory for production. An in-process audit is necessary to see they are able to meet your bulk quantity orders on time.

Manufacturing Product Audit

A supplier audit under final stage is also necessary to see the product quality. You can avoid the defective product by carrying this audit before shipment.

The purpose of factory audits may differ with the importer. However, a complete factory audit (CFA) is the best way to evaluate your supplier. The cost of conducting a factory audit may be higher. Yet it will cost you lesser than by carrying out various audits independently or by conducting a partial audit. The cost of factory audits differs with auditing companies present in China. It is advisable to compare their cost online and book the trusted service provider. You can select from the top 10 factory audit companies in China.


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