Does it really matter that what is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, know this will amaze you.

Because leaving something it’s very important to know why to leave? And is it beneficiary or not will it make any difference? or it’s just a waste of time all the questions need to clear and answered.

When it comes to money one needs to be think twice before investing somewhere so why not here its time to make your mind clear before investing in marketing strategies for your business, every small-scale business man are going through all of the above questions and at certain they are at the point why have to choose between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Advertisement are a way back thing to be done from newspaper ads to flyers, from TV ads to movie sponsorship to brand ambassador everything is for making popularity.

Both are form of inbound marketing which means reaching to the audience, traditional marketing ranges from print media such as newspaper, flyers, magazines to mass communication such as radio, television on the other hand making an online appearance of any business by having a website, web portal, doing social media marketing, Google Adword, this sort of strategies named to be as digital marketing as its dealing with digital media only.

Both marketing type have their own pros and cons let’s start with the basic differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing on the basis of some criteria:

COST Expenses are more since it includes hoardings, banner making and applying charges, flyers, newspaper advertisement, magazines. Since there is a charge on per click so no issues and the plus point is the charges are much lesser than traditional marketing.
Audience Non targeted audience is there as a publication is not limit nor have any such categorization thus distributing advertisement to people who may be doest really care about nor looking for that service or product. As Google Adword have more categorization so reaching to targeted audience is highly probable, since your ad is shown to the who are search for the respective product or service.
Indirect Relation Any company does not go by its own to the customer but hired staff to do so which makes indirect relationship between the customer and the company it create trust issue. As ads are running direct by company and customer are on the companies page and there is no third party included thus increases the trust in customer and making direct contact between company and public.
ROI Last but not the least ROI that is return on investment means the amount of money invested in doing business pays you enough or not and calculating this in traditional marketing is very difficult since there is no record from where the customer is coming from. Calculating ROI is been much easier in Google Adword since this tool enable you to track the number of click and the category of person checking the ad and how are actually avail the service thus Calculating ROI is possible.

There are many advantages digital marketing over traditional marketing, there are many more things to know about digital marketing for everyone weather a business man, developer, designer, or fresher they has to learn digital marketing for that the digital education is the best place in Delhi.


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